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URBAN TECH Programme

Förderung durch:
Horizon Europe 2020
Europäische Union, Großbritannien und Horizon Europe 2020 assoziierte Länder

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URBAN TECH supports the acceleration of competitive success of European SMEs through market launch of new or significantly improved products and services with higher value (with higher quality, increased access, eco-innovative, resource efficient and internationally scalable). In long term perspective, the project aims to innovate and increase the competitiveness of European Health Tech, Smart City and Greentech industries globally.

URBAN TECH seeks innovative solutions to cross-sectoral and cross-border challenges, either public or private and brings together different stakeholders of the industry value-chain to cooperate and innovate together, as well as providing support to SMEs and start-ups in scaling their solutions and products globally.

URBAN TECH partnership consists of cluster, innovation and entrepreneurial support organisations to SMEs and start-ups, mediators between the societal stakeholder’s needs and solution providers from 9 countries.

Topics and Challenges

URBAN TECH focuses on industries, which are the ones who contribute to the emergence of healthy, smart and green urban environment of the future: more sustainable, healthy, energy- saving, that creates new business opportunities, is resource efficient and eco-innovative. Health Tech, Smart City and Greentech are three emerging industries who seek to create a better, safer and more sustainable life for any citizens in the world.

  • Smart City
  • Health Tech
  • Greentech


  • SMEs and start-ups with legal entity based in European Union countries or H2020 associated countries or the UK.

  • SMEs based in or having an affiliation in Russia or Belarus are NOT eligible to apply.

  • Start-up and scale-up SME companies should meet the following criteria:

    • <50MEURturnoverannually

    • 1-250 employees (minimum requirement is to have at least one full-time employee)
  • Independent commercial company, which is developing or commercializing an innovative product, service or business model with high market potential

  • The company is not in a liquidation or bankruptcy process


The URBAN TECH Programme will provide up to 54.350 EUR per SME in different funding stages to develop a new or significantly improved service or product that addresses one of the URBAN TECH Challenges. During a competitive process, 4 evaluation and selection phases will be executed, in which 320 SMEs will start the programme and only 20 will finish.

SMEs can apply between 22 June 2022 and 14 September 2022 by submitting a short proposal (1-pager).

The list of 320 selected SMEs that can continue the application process will be announced by 31 October 2022.

These 320 SMEs will have the opportunity to participate in one of the 9 physical presence Hackathons, based on the geographical proximity of the Challenge Owner, for which they proposed solutions. The best ranked SMEs (approx. 160) can receive a Travel Voucher (TV) to attend the Hackathon. Solution providers will work on the provided solution together with the Challenge Owner and they will pitch the elaborated solution at the end of the Hackathon.

If selected among the 80 best ranked projects (36 in reserve list), they will be invited to submit a full proposal to present their action plan in order to receive 1st stage funding in the form of a Minimum Viable Product Voucher (MVPV).

In the 2nd stage 30 SMEs out of the 80 beneficiaries of the MVP Voucher will be selected to receive the Piloting Voucher (PV) of 20.000 - 30.000 EUR funding.
In the last phase 20 out of the 30 beneficiaries of the Piloting Voucher can benefit from a Market Discovery Voucher (MDV) up to 14.000 EUR.

SMEs and start-ups that do not qualify to the next phase will finish their participation in the programme.

In the overall programme, 2 million EUR grant will be awarded to SMEs in a competitive process in which altogether 160 SMEs/start-ups will receive support and 20 SMEs/start-up will receive the maximum amount of grant. An SME/start-ups cannot receive more than 60.000 EUR financial support within the URBAN TECH Programme.

Submission deadline

In order to have access to the up to 54.350 EUR per SMEs, start-ups provided by the URBAN TECH Programme, as a first step SMEs, start-ups shall submit a short proposal (1-pager) between 22 June and 14 September 2022 at the F6S platform.

Applicants shall submit their applications in English through a web form available on the F6S platform and shall provide the following information in a 1-page long short proposal:

(1) Title of the solution (100 characters)
(2) Goal of the solution (400 characters) - Please describe how your solution is linked to the

selected challenge.

(3) Description of the solution (2000 characters) - Please give details about the proposed solution, including relation to the state of the art of that scientific or technological field. Add also reference for any cross-industry, cross-sector aspect. Outline also business development solution, including market need and impact.

(3) Action plan and timing (1000 characters) - Please explain the possible implementation of the solution, including time needed to develop.

(4) Presentation of the team (600 characters) - Please list the team member, who will take part in developing the solution. Their F6S profile should be also shared.

(5) Applicant information - In addition to shared company F6S profile, we ask you to give us some basic data and the contact person details.

Seiten-Adresse: https://www.gesundheitsindustrie-bw.de/datenbank/foerderungen/urban-tech-programme