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capmatch medical – financing network for life sciences start-ups and investors

“capmatch medical” was specifically designed for young medical device and biotech companies that are seeking capital from investors in Europe. Combined with professional coaching and process management, capmatch medical’s matching approach improves the chances of successful matchmaking between companies and dedicated investors.

Alexander Becker, project manager at capmatch medical © capmatch medical

“For investors, capmatch medical is a premier source of individual deal proposals - clear and accessible around the clock. Entrepreneurs can take advantage of the unique opportunity to present their business with just one click to a selected group of specialised life sciences investors who are seeking to invest,” said Alexander Becker, project manager of capmatch medical.

The online platform www.capmatch-medical.com, which offers a unique tailor-made matching service for life sciences ventures and investors alike, is managed by netzwerk nordbayern, a business and networking organisation headquartered in the city of Nuremberg, Germany. The network provides a comprehensive range of services designed to promote the initiation, financing and growth of innovative technology, IT and life sciences companies.

The matchmaking activities of capmatch medical designed to match companies seeking capital with dedicated investors are based on the considerable experience of the capmatch medical team in financing high-tech companies. Dr. Benedikte Hatz, managing director of netzwork nordbayern, comments: “Systematic access to potential investors who are ready and have the means to invest in young companies is a huge challenge for companies, especially those active in the life sciences sector. We know this from many years of working with technology-oriented start-up and growth projects.” Dr. Hatz has more than 15 years’ experience in project and investment management in the biotech industry. She is also an accredited coach of two of the most important public seed investors in Germany, High-Tech Gründerfonds and Bayern Kapital. Contacts with investors are facilitated through the membership of netzwerk nordbayern in the German business angel network BAND and long-term contacts with dedicated investors.

Advantages of capmatch medical

capmatch medical provides investors with access to high quality information about new life sciences companies looking for respective funding, including pre-assessed comprehensive company fact sheets. Investors can assess all investment proposals completely anonymously; only when investors are interested will their contact and other details be released to the companies seeking capital. capmatch medical has integrated a special exclusion procedure which only presents a personalised selection of deals to accredited investors in line with their current investment strategy. This also has the advantage of saving valuable time.

Dr. Benedikte Hatz, MBA, managing director of netzwerk nordbayern © netzwerk nordbayern

The time factor can also be decisive for companies seeking capital. Thus, the online platform enables companies to present their venture simultaneously to all life sciences investors interested in a deal. The capmatch medical team provides companies seeking capital with professional coaching, including support for document preparation and assistance in the professional presentation of the company to investors. The company can initially propose a deal anonymously to investors. When a potential investor has expressed an interest in a deal, the company can decide whether or not it wants to release contact and full company details. The online platform also enables so-called “Deal Rooms” to be set up where companies and investors – or investors themselves – can securely exchange information.

These offers are what make capmatch medical unique and clearly differentiate it from other cross-industry venture capital and business angel platforms. Its uniqueness comes not only from the fact that it is specialised in the life sciences area, but also in that it carefully assesses all data supplied and only publishes teasers and fact sheets once a thorough assessment has been completed. capmatch medical provides support in professional company and deal representation, enabling companies and investors to remain anonymous until such time as they agree to make their contact details known. In particular, capmatch medical makes sure that it only presents a personalised selection of new deals in line with an investor’s current investment strategy.

Partnership with BioRN

capmatch medical was launched in autumn 2012 by netzwerk nordbayern in close cooperation with the Medical Valley medical technology cluster. It provides services to companies all over Europe and has since been joined by important life sciences networks such as BioM in Munich and BioRN in Heidelberg.

“BioRN supports the capmatch medical platform because the service it offers in supporting companies in their search for investors in Europe is important and, in its present form, unique,” said Dr. Christian Tidona, managing director of BioRN Cluster Management. “Our international Health Axis Europe (HAE) Accelerator has a similar goal: it brings the best health technology start-up teams together with international venture capital funds and supports the syndication of investors,” Tidona explained.

capmatch medical also invites other life sciences networks and cluster organisations to become a partner, thereby enabling them to offer companies within the networks and organisations direct access to the platform.

Access free of charge only until 31st March 2013

Up until 31st March 2013, capmatch medical’s introductory offer enables companies to register and use the services free of charge. After this date, companies from outside Bavaria will be charged a service fee to cover the provision and preparation of documents. Companies that conclude the first financing round with Bayern Kapital, the High-Tech Gründerfonds or the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW) will not be required to pay the fee. Once an investment deal has been successfully concluded, capmatch medical charges companies a commission.

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