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EU strengthens innovation potential of electronic health services

The EU hopes to tap innovative markets through a Lead Markets Initiative (LMI), in which electronic health services (eHealth) were identified as an important market.

The EU Commission hopes to unlock market potential for innovative goods and services by lifting the obstacles hindering innovation in a first batch of six important markets, including electronic health tools and solutions (eHealth).

Electronic health tools or solutions (eHealth) include ICT solutions for patients, medical services and payment institutions that can help to deliver better care more cheaply. Standardisation, for instance of various information exchange formats, certifications of systems and large-scale demonstration projects could help the markets to be better placed to cope with the arising problems of an “ageing” Europe.

The Lead Markets Initiative is focused on a competitive, demand-driven approach and avoids picking winners, meaning that the emerging markets can build on new and existing European technologies. Moreover, the concept chosen for LMI avoids favouring specific companies, which would be inconsistent with fair and open competition.

The Lead Markets Initiative is part of the EU’s broad-based innovation strategy that highlights the need for a more coherent use of all available policy tools and instruments to support innovation in Europe.

Source: EU Commission - 07.01.2008
Website address: https://www.gesundheitsindustrie-bw.de/en/article/news/eu-strengthens-innovation-potential-of-electronic-health-services