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Hartmann looks back on a successful 2007

The Hartmann Group increased its sales growth by 5.3% to EUR 1.28 billion in 2007. These figures were presented by the Heidenheim-based Hartmann Group at a press conference held on 17th March 2008. According to Rinaldo Riguzzi, CEO of Paul Hartmann AG, consolidated net income rose 14% to EUR 38.8 million.

In the core segments of Wound Management, Incontinence Management and Operating Theatre Management, the Hartmann Group increased its global sales revenues by 5.2%. With sales volumes rising by 6.8%, the company increased its market share in certain sectors. The core medical business represented 82.0% of the company’s total revenues, matching the previous year’s level.

Beneficiary of demographic change

Wound Management: strongest strowth (Photo: Hartmann AG)
The Wound Management segment achieved an increase in sales revenues of 3 per cent to EUR 377.6 million, despite, as the company pointed out, high price pressure on traditional dressing materials. In the Incontinence Management segment, the company benefited from the growing demand for products in the ageing population, with sales revenues increasing 4.2% to EU 484.6 million in 2007. This segment remained the strongest segment of the Hartmann Group. With a 12.6% increase to EUR 188.4 million, the Operating Theatre Management segment reported a strong growth in sales. In the Other Group Activities, for the first time in several years Hartmann achieved an increase in revenue of 5.9% to EUR 230.7 million.

Strongest growth abroad

The Hartmann Group achieved the majority of its revenues in foreign markets. In the 2007 financial year, the Group expanded revenues both in its German domestic market and in foreign markets. While sales revenues rose by 3% to EUR 443.1 million in Germany, they rose by 6.6% to EUR 838.3 million in foreign markets. This led to a slight increase in the foreign share of sales from 64.6% to 65.4%. In Europe, excluding Germany, this represents a total increase of 7.6% (sales revenues of EUR 723.5). In regions outside Europe, Hartmann achieved marginal growth of 0.7% to EUR 114.8 million following a slight decline last year.

Number of employees increased

The number of employees grew by 183 to 8,935 staff in total, of which 3,381 are based in Germany. At the end of the reporting year, Hartmann had 5,554 employees in foreign locations, 170 more than last year. 62% of the company’s employees were based outside Germany.

Profitable growth remains top priority also in 2008

In the current fiscal year, the Hartmann Group is well positioned despite difficult market conditions and once again expects significant sales growth as well as a significant increase in sales in the core medical segments. In 2008, the company expects a continued improvement in this market segment.

Source: Paul Hartmann AG, 17.03.2008 (P) (wp, 18.03.2008)
Website address: https://www.gesundheitsindustrie-bw.de/en/article/news/hartmann-looks-back-on-a-successful-2007