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IBST receives a growing number of applications

The International Business School Tuttlingen is pleased about the growing number of applications and the interest shown from foreign students. The applicants have been invited for personal interviews.

The new semester is just around the corner. The sixth Master of Business Administration (MBA) course in “Medical Devices & Healthcare Management” at the International Business School Tuttlingen (IBST) will begin on 2 October 2008.

“The number of applications for our economics postgraduate course has increased by fifty per cent since last year,” said Theophil Rieger, Director of IBST, pleased about the growing interest in the course. The interest in obtaining management know-how in the world’s leading medical technology centre has not only increased among German, Austrian and Swiss students. IBST has now also received applications from students from non-European countries.

Interviews have been ongoing since the middle of July. Successful applicants need to have a degree from a university, university of applied science, or university of cooperative education, at least two years of professional experience and a good command of the English language. Another important criterion is the personal interview that is to be conducted with the applicants.
"Medical Devices & Healthcare Management" MBA students (Photo: International Business School Tuttlingen)
Source: Press release of the International Business School Tuttlingen - 1 August 2008

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