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"MedTech-Compass" of BVMed released

The German Medical Technology Association, BVMed, is hoping that the new information campaign "MedTech-Compass" will promote transparent and effective cooperation between the industry, medical institutions and physicians. BVMed’s website, an informational flyer and a regular newsletter highlighting clear principles and practical examples, promote existing cooperative activities in the healthcare market.

The topic is of particular importance for medical engineering companies and hospitals, as cooperation between medical institutions, physicians and the industry is a major prerequisite for medical progress. Such cooperation is also welcomed by politicians. “Together with its partners in the hospitals and among physicians, BVMed has worked on making the cooperation among healthcare organisations secure and transparent for many years,” said Carsten Clausen (Fresenius SE) and Joachim M. Schmitt, both of them members of the BVMed board of directors, presenting the campaign in Berlin.

The “Medical Product Codex” makes recommendations

Knee surgery (Photo: AESCULAP AG & CO. KG/BVMed)
Working closely together with healthcare market partners, BVMed has developed the “Medical Product Codex”, the “Joint Position” and other sample contracts in order to provide all parties involved with clear recommendations for effective and transparent cooperation. “The contents of these recommendations are used in a practical way every day. However, in practice, many questions and uncertainties arise. That is why we have set up an information campaign dealing with this important topic. We hope to give answers to these questions and provide everybody concerned with more security in everyday transactions. The MedTech-Compass helps people to find their way and pursue their intended course,” highlights BVMed.

The 12-page informational flyer highlights the most important aspects of effective and transparent cooperation. In a quarterly dispatch, experts from medical institutions and companies will give their expert opinions, give practical examples and highlight priority topics.

”The information of the MedTech-Compass addresses all involved in healthcare – from industry and science, hospitals and medical engineering companies, politics and media. You are cordially invited to get information and discuss with us and use the MedTech-Compass,” said Carsten Clausen and Joachim M. Schmitt.

According to BVMed, the following four principles are the basis for establishing effective and transparent cooperation between the industry, medical institutions and physicians: The Separation Principle deals with the strict separation of the allocation of benefits and turnover business. The Transparency Principle means that any allowances and remuneration must be laid open to public scrutiny. The Equivalence Principle means that all services and return services must be in an appropriate ratio to each other. The Documentation Principle requires all services to be recorded in written form.

Source: BVMed - 07.02.2008
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