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New hygienic PC keyboard: Cleanboard

Hygiene is crucially important in hospitals. Computers and their add-ons are often underestimated sources of infection in clinical settings that can present potential health hazards. Products developed by the company keywi GmbH are set to change this situation. The Odenwald-based company has just launched a new keyboard called Cleanboard.

Cleanboard developed by keywi GmbH © keywi GmbH

Traditional PC keyboards present a huge hygienic risk in sensitive areas. Due to the gaps between the keys and the way they are put together, computer keyboards are difficult to clean and disinfect.  


The company's Cleanboard, which was developed and brought to market maturity with the cooperation of hygiene specialists and hygiene professionals, addresses these problems, said Rainer Veitinger. The innovative keyboard is easy to clean, offers a good tactile sensation and is equipped with an LED lamp that notifies the user that the keyboard needs to be cleaned at regular intervals. During the cleaning process, the keyboard can be switched off with a cap-lock function; the keyboard has an integrated mouse and number pad.

Rainer Veitinger, Managing Director keywi GmbH

The company

keywi GmbH is a subsidiary of Hoffman + Krippner GmbH headquartered in 74722 Buchen/Odenwald. The company, which develops and manufactures innovative input systems, has more than 200 employees.  As a pioneer of membrane keyboards and market leader for complex input systems, innovativeness and outstanding quality have been major aspects in the company's philosophy ever since its foundation in 1972. As a family-run SME, Hoffman + Krippner GmbH exclusively manufactures its products in Germany.

Website address: https://www.gesundheitsindustrie-bw.de/en/article/news/new-hygienic-pc-keyboard-cleanboard