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Patent Award 2008 – The Future Prize being offered by IP Bewertungs AG (IPB)

An excellent idea: a new technology or innovative methods and products for which patents have been filed or already granted, might be eligible for the Patent Award 2008, a brand new prize, on offer for the first time in 2008. Due to the popularity of the prize, the application deadline has been extended to 30th September 2008.

More than 30 new technologies and protected ideas have been submitted in the last ten days. “We believe that many more people intend to participate in the Patent Award 2008 contest. We are very happy about the positive response by Germany’s inventors, and have extended the application deadline to 30th September 2008,” said Guido von Scheffer from IP Bewertungs AG (IPB).
The owners of patents from business, universities, research institutions and research teams as well as inventors can apply for the Prize. A jury consisting of high-ranking representatives of the German intellectual property (IP) community will evaluate the submitted patents according to specific criteria. In total, prize money of 40,000 euros will be given to three winning patents.

”The competition focuses mainly on innovations and research, rather than on companies,” said Karsten Müller, CEO of IPB. The winners of the Patent Award will receive the following sums: 1. prize: 25,000 euros; 2. prize: 10,000 euros; 3. prize: 5,000 euros. “With the Future Prize we intend to make scientists, entrepreneurs and the general public aware of what patents are: giving the patent holders an advantage in national and global competition. This is good both for companies as well as for raising awareness of German patents as a whole around the world,” said Müller.

Apart from the economic potential, which is the major criterion for awarding the Future Prize, the invention also has to stand out in terms of innovation. Patents and patent applications, which are valid in Germany, and which were filed no later than 1st January 2000, can be entered into the competition.

Source: Patent Award 2008 - 7th August 2008
Further information:
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Team Patent Award
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Website address: https://www.gesundheitsindustrie-bw.de/en/article/news/patent-award-2008-the-future-prize-being-offered-by-ip-bewertungs-ag-ipb