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varionostic develops test systems for tumour markers

The Ulm-based start-up company, varionostic GmbH, has received a research grant from the German Ministry of Economics and Technology. Details on the level of the grant were not disclosed. Together with the Institutes of Pathology and Legal Medicine at the University Hospital of Ulm, the company will research tumour markers and develop detection systems for DNA methylations. The project is funded as part of the PRO INNOII programme.

“The detection of DNA methylations can support the efforts of scientists and doctors in clinical research and improve the treatment of cancer patients,” said varionostic’s CEO, Uwe Gerstenmaier, who is working in cooperation with Peter Möller, Director of the Institute of Pathology, and Peter Wiegand, Head of Genetic Forensics at the Institute of Legal Medicine.

Improving knowledge about diseases

Epigenetic analyses enhance clinical research (Photo: varionostic)
In almost all organisms, DNA methylation is a type of chemical modification of DNA, in which a methyl group is attached to DNA, which has the effect of reducing gene expression. Modifications in the DNA methylation pattern are among the earliest and most common events in the development of tumours.

Epigenetic analyses provide information on such regulatory influences on genes and contribute to a better understanding of diseases. In addition, they open up new diagnostic and therapeutic pathways.

According to company information, varionostic is Europe’s leading expert for DNA methylation analysis using the Pyrosequencing® technology. It offers clients from industry and the academic world a broad range of services, from the planning of experiments to data analysis. In addition, the company develops what is known as “pre-designed methylation assays” for epigenomics research.

Source: Varionostic GmbH, 31.03.2008 (P) (wp – 10.04.2008)
Website address: https://www.gesundheitsindustrie-bw.de/en/article/news/varionostic-develops-test-systems-for-tumour-markers