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Zeiss continues growing

Carl Zeiss AG is continuing its successful development that was already evident in the 2006/2007 tax year (balance sheet date: 30th September 2007) by getting off to a good start in the new tax year. According to Dieter Kurz, CEO, the company’s revenues in the first four months were 12 per cent more than those in the same period last year. The EbIT (Earnings before Interest and Taxes) margin increased to 15 per cent (last year: 13 per cent).

Revenues of the Carl Zeiss Group in the 2006/07 tax year rose seven percent to EUR 2,604 million (last year: EUR 2,433 million). The Carl Zeiss Group generates approximately 83 per cent of its business outside Germany. Taking currency influences into account, Carl Zeiss grew in Europe and Asia in particular. The Carl Zeiss Group generated an EbIT of EUR 394 million, 26 per cent more than in the previous year (EUR 313 million). Once again, the strongest area was the semiconductor business but Kurz believes that revenues from this particular sector will decrease.

320 new jobs

The Carl Zeiss Group’s total number of employees rose from 11,249 to 12,257 worldwide, of whom 7,965 (last year: 7,843) worked in Germany. In addition, in the first month of 2008, the company created over 320 new jobs, 50 per cent of which are in Germany.

The company generates almost 60 per cent of revenues with products that are less than five years old. In order to develop innovative technologies and new solutions for customers, Carl Zeiss increased its spending on research and development to EUR 290 million in the reporting period (last year: EUR 254 million; corresponds to eleven per cent of total revenue).

For the 2007/08 tax year, the Carl Zeiss Group predicts a positive overall development. “In the Medical and Research Solutions, Industrial Solutions and Lifestyle Products markets, trends offering growth prospects are discernible,” said Kurz.

Source: Zeiss, 26.02.2008 (P) (wp – 12.03.2008)
Website address: https://www.gesundheitsindustrie-bw.de/en/article/news/zeiss-continues-growing