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Aiming for a National Centre for Dementia Research

The Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region is hoping to become a National Centre for Dementia Research. Professor Beyreuther, director of the NAR (Network Ageing Research) at the University of Heidelberg is coordinating the application.

The director of the Ageing Research Network, Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Konrad Beyreuther, was commissioned by the Baden-Württemberg Minister of Science, Research and the Arts to develop a concept for the establishment of a National Centre for Dementia Research in the Heidelberg-Mannheim area. The metropolitan area with its huge scientific and clinical potential offers excellent conditions for the successful launch of Minister Schavan’s planned National Centre for Dementia Research. The application proposes the establishment of a new research centre under the umbrella of the Helmholtz Association. This new research centre will be the core of the planned National Centre for Dementia Research, which will also include top class research institutions in a joint effort to confront this scientific, social and health-political challenge. With the universities and university hospitals in Heidelberg and Mannheim, the German Cancer Research Centre in Heidelberg, the Central Institute of Mental Health in Mannheim and other research institutions, the region is able to meet the high performance requirements of a National Dementia Research Centre. A particular advantage is the NAR at the University of Heidelberg that already addresses many life science and humanities issues in this field, as well as patient treatment and economic issues.

Source: University Hospital Heidelberg - 09.01.2008
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