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Aldevron to generate antibodies for erythropoietin research consortium

Aldevron is pleased to announce its participation in a new three year, €3.9 million research project to study the long-term risks of erythropoietin (EPO) and its derivatives (epoetins) in cancer patients.

EPO is commonly used to treat anemia related to cancer and cardiovascular surgery. This project funded by the European Union is coordinated by Dr. Drorit Neumann, University of Tel Aviv, and has 13 collaborators throughout Europe and Israel.

Aldevron, a leader in the field of genetic immunisation, will apply its proprietary GENOVAC Antibody Technology to develop sets of monoclonal antibodies against the erythropoietin receptor (EpoR) for different applications, including antibodies capable of detecting EpoRs in its native conformation in tumour samples and the ability to modulate the function of this receptor.

Dr. John Thompson of Aldevron, a pioneer in the genetic immunisation technology to be deployed, noted that GENOVAC Antibody Technology is uniquely suited to provide antibodies to the EPO research consortium and is pleased to produce “antibodies that could further be developed as therapeutic drugs for certain indications.”
The research consortia, called EPOCAN, plans to implement a comprehensive interdisciplinary strategy to identify and alleviate the risks involved in treatment with erythropoietin (EPO) and its derivatives (epoetins) in cancer patients and those with chronic kidney disease. It is estimated that up to one million patients across Europe and North America receive epoetin treatment each year.

About Aldevron:
Aldevron provides contract manufacturing and scientific services for antibody generation, protein manufacture and plasmid DNA production. Aldevron has applied genetic immunisation technology for over 12 years and its custom antibodies have been referenced in over 140 publications and patents for more than 500 clients worldwide. Antibody services also include protein or peptide immunisation, antibody production and purification, antibody processing and characterisation.

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