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Alfred Nordheim to become the new president of the International Genetics Federation

At the "XX International Congress of Genetics" (ICG) in Berlin, which is the largest meeting of geneticists worldwide, the members of the International Genetics Federation (IGF) elected Prof. Dr. Alfred Nordheim from the University of Tübingen president of this worldwide most important genetics federation.

Alfred Nordheim is the President of the German Genetics Society (GfG) and, in his function as Congress Secretary General of the XX International Congress of Genetics, was also responsible for the organisation of ICG in Berlin. The congress is held once every five years in a different metropolis; in 2013, the congress will be held in Singapore.
Prof. Dr. Alfred Nordheim, University of Tübingen (Photo: private)

Alfred Nordheim is the chair of the Department of Molecular Biology at the Interfaculty Institute of Cell Biology at the University of Tübingen. With immediate effect, Nordheim succeeds Prof. Dr. Jan W. Drake from the National Institute of Environmental Health (USA) for a period of five years. Nordheim announced his plans to focus specifically on the support of young genetics scientists in developing and threshold countries.

The International Genetics Federation (IGF) combines 44 national genetics societies. At the general meeting of the IGF, which was held concomitantly with the "XX International Congress of Genetics" in Berlin (12 to 17 July 2008), Prof. Alfred Nordheim was unanimously elected IGF president.

Website address: https://www.gesundheitsindustrie-bw.de/en/article/press-release/alfred-nordheim-to-become-the-new-president-of-the-international-genetics-federation