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Apogenix Significantly Strengthens IP Protection for its Clinical Lead Compound APG101

Apogenix GmbH, a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company developing novel drugs for malignant and inflammatory diseases, today announced that the Company´s IP position on its lead candidate APG101 was significantly strengthened by two patents recently granted by the European Patent Office. One patent covers APG101´s composition of matter. Allowed claims of the second patent cover the medical use of CD95 ligand inhibitors such as APG101 for the treatment of cerebral injuries. Both patents expire in 2024.

"These are important achievements for Apogenix, as the patents significantly
expand our intellectual property position covering APG101," said Dr Thomas
Höger, CEO of Apogenix. "The patents enhance the project´s value and
increase the attractiveness for potential licensing partners.”

APG101 is a human, soluble fusion protein combining the extracellular
domain of the CD95 receptor and the Fc portion of IgG. CD95 is a crucial
receptor for initiating apoptosis or the invasive growth of cancer cells once it
is triggered by the CD95 ligand (CD95L). APG101 specifically binds to CD95L
and thereby blocks CD95L-mediated signaling pathways, preventing either
apoptosis or cell migration. Therefore, APG101 has huge therapeutic
potential in indications requiring the protection of cells or the inhibition of
invasive cell growth.

APG101 has already demonstrated a dose-dependent effect in animal
models of diseases characterized either by an excess of apoptosis (e.g.
acute Graft-versus-Host Disease; GvHD) or by an excess of migration
(Glioblastoma multiforme; GBM). In a phase I trial, APG101 showed excellent
tolerability in healthy volunteers. It is planned to initiate clinical phase II
studies in 2010 to demonstrate APG101´s efficacy in GBM patients.

APG101 is now covered by 7 different patent families claiming the
composition of matter as well as its use for different disease indications.

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