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Baden-Württemberg achieves top ranking in number of patents filed

In 2008, Baden-Württemberg came close behind the German state of Bavaria in the top rankings of the number of patents filed. According to 2008 figures published by the European Patent Office (EPO) on Wednesday, April 1st 2009, a total of 146,000 patent applications were made in Europe as a whole, an increase of 3.6% over the previous year.

One fifth of the applications came from Germany, with Bavaria posting the largest number of patent applications (6,999), followed by Baden-Württemberg with 6,214 patent applications.

Only 49.5% of all patent applications were successful in 2008. Speaking at the recent Annual Press Conference, the president of the EPO, Alison Brimelow, put this percentage down to the fact that applicants are informed very early in the application process whether their application stands a chance of being approved or not. "This is a very positive move," said Brimelow adding "as it gives applicants an idea of the potential outcome" and results in many applications being withdrawn at an early stage.

Brimelow also explained that only 36.6% of all patent applications in the field of biotechnology were approved, citing a shift of applications from the biotech sector to the pharmaceutical sector as a possible reason for this. In addition, because the human genome is now well known, research has tended to concentrate to a greater extent on potential pharmaceutical applications.

Nevertheless, Brimelow declined to give a more detailed prognosis. She believes developments are still too new. However, she told journalists that she expected the current economic downturn to play an important role in the number of patent applications, envisaging fewer applications than last year. However, she did not give any figures on the potential decrease in patent applications.

Website address: https://www.gesundheitsindustrie-bw.de/en/article/press-release/baden-wuerttemberg-achieves-top-ranking-in-number-of-patents-filed