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Baden-Württemberg government to provide financial support of 1.3 million euros to Ulm-based ILM

The Institute of Laser Technology in Medicine and Metrology (ILM) in Ulm – one of eleven applied research institutes belonging to the Baden-Württemberg Innovation Alliance – will receive government funding totalling about 1.306 million euros. The announcement was made by the Baden-Württemberg Minister of Economics Ernst Pfister.

“The institute, which is well known on a national and international level, is characterised by the unique combination of technical-physical competence in laser technology used in medical and clinical applications,” said Pfister. Amongst other things, the ILM develops non-invasive and inexpensive diagnosis and therapy methods.

One-stop shop: from the laboratory to application

In future, the institute will increase its activities in the area of optical technologies. Pfister drew attention to the particular strength of the ILM, namely its ability to carry out the entire innovation process at the institute - from idea to implementation to application.

“With the research and services the ILM offers, the institute is an indispensable partner, in particular for small- and medium-sized companies (SME) which do not have the financial power to carry out research, but which are nevertheless continually obliged to deal with new challenges,” said Pfister explaining the Baden-Württemberg government’s decision to provide funding.

Website address: https://www.gesundheitsindustrie-bw.de/en/article/press-release/baden-wuerttemberg-government-to-provide-financial-support-of-1-3-million-euros-to-ulm-based-ilm