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BVMed Annual Report 2008/09: “Process optimization and drive for quality can succeed through cooperation”

The German Medical Technology Association BVMed advocates for “process optimization and a drive for quality” through stronger cooperations in the healthcare market. “Our common aim is to keep our healthcare affordable at a high level of quality for everyone. To do so, we need continual process optimization and a stronger quality consciousness in healthcare. This requires the joint efforts of health insurance funds, physicians, hospitals and medtech companies”, states BVMed chairman Dr. Meinrad Lugan in the newly published Annual Report 2008/09.

BVMed Annual Report 2008/09 © Q-MED GmbH

The report points out that the introduction of the health pool is cause for great insecurity, but offers also the opportunity for health insurance funds to redirect their attention towards the quality of service to patients. “ The first year of the health pool offers the chance of promoting new alliances for optimized processes, improved quality and medical advances in the healthcare market. To this end we need more cooperation among health insurance funds, hospitals, physicians and medtech companies in order to provide people with high-quality care using modern medical technologies”, says Dr. Lugan.

Next to current health political issues, BVMed's Annual Report 2008/09 contains information on the medical technology sector and on BVMed's departments Politics, Healthcare Systems, Health Insurance, Homecare, Legal Issues, Consumer Protection, and Communications. In addition, information on the work of BVMed's more than 50 expert committees is provided. The 24-page Annual Report can be downloaded at www.bvmed.de (publications)

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