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BVMed propounds Annual Report

The German Medical Technology Association BVMed advocates for a better coordination and promotion of advances in medical technology. "The comprehensive and coordinated cooperation of governmental departments must be further advanced. Through our close work with companies and physicians we will then be able to identify obstacles and overcome these in the interests of the patients", states BVMed chairman Dr. Meinrad Lugan in the newly published Annual Report 2011/12. BVMed, the German Medical Technology Association, represents more than 230 manufacturers and trade companies in the medical technology sector. Medtech production amounts to about 20 billion euros with 175.000 employees in Germany.

The report points out that the medtech industry has increasingly been in the focus of both politics and the public. This offers opportunities for closing knowledge gaps and communicating the special characteristics of this heterogeneous industry more successfully. However, the rising case numbers and the potential which lies in the progress of medical technology automatically raise fears of higher costs especially in the cost-bearing institutions and also in some politicians. "Safe, necessary and high-quality patientcare must take precedence over the merely financial interests of the cost-bearing institutions. When new examination and treatment methods concerning innovative medical technologies are applied, an appropriate benefit analysis within an acceptable time frame must be assured", states the BVMed report.

Next to current health political issues, BVMed's Annual Report 2011/12 contains information on the medical technology sector and on BVMed's departments Politics, Healthcare Systems, Health Insurance, Homecare, Legal Issues, Consumer Protection, and Communications. In addition, information on the work of BVMed's more than 50 expert committees is provided. 

Website address: https://www.gesundheitsindustrie-bw.de/en/article/press-release/bvmed-propounds-annual-report