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comes compliance services enriches BioLAGO network

BioLAGO is delighted with the growing number of new members. The addition of ‘comes compliance services’ to the BioLAGO network broadens the life sciences association’s skills in the fields of regulatory requirements and quality management systems.

Markus Roemer, managing director of ‘comes compliance services‘ © comes compliance services

The Ravensburg-based company 'comes compliance services' is an experienced consulting company focusing on the implementation of legal requirements and guidelines of the EMEA, FDA, ICH and GHTF in terms of quality management systems, validation and conformance with regulatory requirements.

Managing director and founder of the company, Markus Roemer, offers quality management systems, audit services, IT project management services, quality risk management and validation services to an industry that is required to comply with GMP, GLP, GCP and medical device standards. In addition, the company supports its clients in the planning and carrying out of training as well as providing professional IT solutions for regulated areas.

Joint interests at a location with great potential

Markus Roemer had several reasons to become a member of the life sciences network in the Lake Constance area. “At a meeting in Ulm, I gave a talk with Dr. Renger from Vetter, which is also a member of BioLAGO. I discovered that we had similar regional and local interests in terms of quality management,” said Markus Roemer. Another motivation to work closely together with BioLAGO was the exchange of information between BioLAGO and the European network IT Pharma Validation Europe (www.it-validation.org). IT Pharma Validation Europe, which was established by Roemer in 2006, is especially focused on IT validation (APQR, DMS, LIMS, eValidation, eCTD solutions).

BioLAGO attracted Markus Roemer’s attention through the “IHK in Karlsruhe which runs a pharmaceutical quality circle, as well as through an article published in the local press highlighting the city of Ravensburg’s support for the initiative”. Roemer believes that the Lake Constance location has a great future, both for his company and the life sciences sector in general. “The FOYA (Facility of the Year Award) of the ISPE (International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineering), which is a kind of “pharma Oscar”, is awarded once a year in five categories. Two years ago, four people from the Lake Constance region were among the winners, which must be seen as a stimulus to maintain and further expand the lead in technology, know-how and services,” said Markus Roemer.

Website address: https://www.gesundheitsindustrie-bw.de/en/article/press-release/comes-compliance-services-enriches-biolago-network