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CONCERT Medical Optics wins special CyberOne prize

The company CONCERT Medical Optics was selected from more than 70 participants from all over Germany to receive a special CyberOne prize for the most innovative start-up concept, namely a medical instrument called “EndoTherapeuthoSkop”. This instrument combines different technologies, enabling the simultaneous detection and treatment of tumours, meaning that patients only have to undergo one, rather than several interventions.

The founders of CONCERT Medical Optics: Martin Vogel, Alan Douglas, Jürgen Vogel (from left to right) © CONCERT Medical Optics

The idea behind the development of this device was based on personal experience of the company founders. The new medical device enables the detection and destruction of small solid tumours in one move. The company founders, who are all from different professional backgrounds, decided to join forces to turn their dream into reality and the result was the EndoTherapeuthoSkop.

The device combines two minimally invasive diagnostic methods, light- and biosensor-based tumour detection and optical biopsy using laser microscopy and imaging. In the case of colorectal cancer screening, the experienced eye of the investigating physician is another important part of the detection process, thus making triply sure of the necessity for therapy.

The initial laser application is also the first step of treatment. The laser is controlled using a laser microscope and is targeted at the destruction of tumour tissue and the careful removal of a small area of surrounding healthy tissue in order to prevent the tumour from spreading.

The second step of the treatment involves the use of specially prepared chemotherapeutic particles that are sprayed into the wound. The chemotherapeutic drugs are activated by the laser, and they destroy any remaining tumour cells that are located in a determined area around the small solid tumour that has previously been removed.

Diagnostics, intervention, localised chemotherapy, individualised treatment, reduced stress for the patient and the considerable alleviation of the surgeons’ workload – all this is made possible by the new EndoTherapeuthoSkop. In addition, the device also contributes to a reduction in healthcare expenditure.

The development of this device has been made possible by the integration of six completely different technologies into a multi-part device which uses the work slots of standard endoscopes. Whilst it is not revolutionary, it demonstrates true interdisciplinary scientific and medical cooperation.

CONCERT is now looking for business angels and VCs who would be interested in helping them continue their ambitious project – a project that has already many well-known supporters in the field of medicine.

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