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DFG to fund Traumatology Clinical Research Unit

A new Clinical Research Unit at the University of Ulm is to investigate the early inflammation response and the positive impact on the immune system in casualty injuries. The diagnostic insights gained will be transferred to different models and eventually to patients. The research unit in Ulm is one of six new DFG-funded Clinical Research Units in Germany.

We will shortly commence our work, said the unit’s spokesperson, Florian Gebhard, a medical expert in surgery and orthopaedics and medical director of the Department of Traumatology, Hand and Reconstructive Surgery at Ulm University Hospital. The interdisciplinary group is headed up by Markus Huber-Lang.

Problem: Inflammation caused by injury

Prof. Florian Gebhard, spokesperson of the research unit (Photo: University Hospital of Ulm)
Every year in Germany, about eight million people are injured in accidents, and more than 1.5 million of them have to be admitted to hospital for treatment. According to the DFG, traumas are the most frequent cause for needing treatment in all age groups. Locomotor system injuries often lead to inflammatory reactions that are difficult to treat, despite the huge medical progress that has been made in this field.

The age of the patient and the severity of the injury have a decisive effect on the body’s response. Possible reactions include inflammations, which, according to Gebhard, could be even more dangerous than the injuries themselves. “However, inflammations also favour the healing process. The only problem results from severe inflammatory reactions in which the healing substances that are produced by the body have a negative effect. The Clinical Research Unit at Ulm University Hospital will look into the question as to how these (inflammatory) processes can be controlled, and will elucidate different perspectives for the control of such processes.

Source: University of Ulm - 15 Sept. 2008 (P, wp, 26 Sept. 2008)
Website address: https://www.gesundheitsindustrie-bw.de/en/article/press-release/dfg-to-fund-traumatology-clinical-research-unit