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BioLAGO and BIOPRO to start new diagnostics project

DiagNeeds: translating clinical requirements into new products

(Lake Constance/Stuttgart) – BioLAGO e.V. and BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg GmbH are working together on the “DiagNeeds” project to bring hospitals and medical professionals closer to diagnostics providers in order to facilitate the development of new diagnostic procedures. There will be special focus on topics that are currently of major interest in the field of diagnostics, including liquid biopsies, companion diagnostics, point-of-care diagnostics and biomarkers.

The aim of the project is to identify the needs of clinics and hospitals in the area of diagnostics and bring together users and providers of diagnostic procedures from industry and academia. Based on shared information, one of the subsequent objectives is to construct scenarios for developing new diagnostic tests and improving existing ones. This will also be discussed at a Baden-Württemberg-wide forum to be held later this year. The partners’ activities will mainly focus on the Lake Constance region.

“We want to pave the way for more accurate, faster and new diagnostic methods through dialogue with medical directors and researchers in clinics and hospitals,” says Prof. Dr. Klaus P. Schäfer, CEO of BioLAGO, the life sciences network in the Lake Constance region which is managing the project and has overall responsibility for the operational side. “From the point of view of the Baden-Württemberg government, diagnostics is of crucial importance for regional professional development, especially when it comes to improving basic medical services in rural areas through new innovative procedures,” says Prof. Dr. Ralf Kindervater, CEO of BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg.

The project is focussing on red-hot and forward-looking diagnostics topics:

  • liquid biopsy approaches to rapidly detect and determine tumour quality and directly in blood, rather than tissue samples
  • companion diagnostics that provide information about therapeutic and adverse drug effects and dosages, all specifically tailored to individual patients
  • point-of-care-diagnostics that aims to test sample material on-site at the location where the material is removed (e.g. medical practices, scene of accident) and thus commence therapy as early as possible
  • diagnostic biomarkers that enable the accurate determination of a patient’s disease in a group of similar diseases

Finding answers to other important questions and dealing with other key topics related to diagnostics are also part of the project.

The idea of the joint project was developed last year when the partners met at a joint workshop in Konstanz, which was also attended by diagnostics companies from Lake Constance including GATC Biotech AG and QIAGEN Lake Constance GmbH as well as the Konstanz City Business Development Department.

Aiming at intensifying cooperation between diagnostics companies, diagnostic research institutions and hospitals (from left to right): Prof. Dr. Klaus P. Schäfer (BioLAGO), Friedhelm Schaal (Konstanz City Business Development Department), Dr. Michael Steinwand (Innovendia/BioLAGO), Andreas Baur (BioLAGO), Dr. Barbara Jonischkeit (BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg), Prof. Dr. Ralf Kindervater (BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg), Dr. Jürgen Ruff (LECS DR. RUFF /BioLAGO), Ann-Kristin Fiala-Wiss (BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg), Peter Pohl (GATC Biotech AG/BioLAGO), Jochen Goedecke (BioLAGO) and Uwe Gundrum (BioLAGO). © BioLAGO e.V.
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