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European tool enables companies to open up markets

BioRegio STERN Management GmbH is one of five project partners in BIOMAT-In. This transnational EU project promotes innovations and cooperation in the biomaterials sector and is being funded for three years with a total of EUR 1.24 million. BioRegio STERN Management GmbH is committed to creating a successful pan-European cluster in regenerative medicine and tissue engineering. It is receiving EUR 223,000 during this period to develop a sustainable network of companies, institutions and hospitals.

Biomaterials are already used in a large number of medical areas. Contact lenses, dentures, heart valves and artificial hip joints are all items that form an interface between synthetically produced materials and the human biological system. The potential for innovations in this field of research is immense, with a constant influx of new findings from sectors such as material sciences, electronics and nanotechnology.

From an interdisciplinary research perspective, developing a transnational network of all players in the biomaterials sector, i.e. industry, research, hospitals and companies, is vital. Together with four other European leading-edge clusters from France, the Netherlands and the UK, the STERN BioRegion will in future be promoting innovations in this area as part of the BIOMAT-In project. Unique expertise in regenerative medicine and tissue engineering is already concentrated in the STERN BioRegion. Numerous research institutes, hospitals and companies work here intensively on medical applications in areas such as skin and wound treatment and cardiovascular disease.

These findings and data from the cooperating clusters will be pooled into a data-base over the next three years, giving entrepreneurs an overview of the entire European network together with key information on the relevant approval procedures and market opportunities. The project will be accompanied by a range of events and network activities. For instance, matchmaking events will bring together research institutes and compa-nies from the various regions for development and production projects and a voucher system will also provide incentives for transnational cooperation. The project has a budget totalling EUR 1.24 million, of which EUR 223,000 is available to BioRegio STERN Management GmbH.

European cooperation projects such as BIOMAT-In are necessary and useful, says project manager Dr. Manfred Kauer. "Healthcare markets are national and highly regulated. Companies looking to operate across national borders still have to collate the approval procedures and market opportunities in the respective countries. BIOMAT-In will provide all the key information at the touch of a button, enabling our export-oriented companies to open up international markets."

Further Information:

Dr. Manfred Kauer
BioRegio STERN Mangement GmbH
Phone: 0711/ 870 354 - 26

Website address: https://www.gesundheitsindustrie-bw.de/en/article/press-release/european-tool-enables-companies-to-open-up-markets