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Funding programme "Innovative therapies"

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research has announced the funding guidelines for projects dealing with “Innovative therapies on a molecular and cellular level”.

Despite considerable medical progress, many diseases still cannot be treated or the available treatment remains limited. On the other hand, the scientific insights gained over the last few years in the field of molecular life sciences have led to highly innovative therapies that have a huge potential for the more effective treatment on the basis of the underlying biological mechanisms.

The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is therefore funding the further development of particularly innovative research and development approaches for new therapies within the German government’s “Health research: research for the people” programme.

The programme funds projects with a large innovation potential and dealing with “Innovative therapies on a molecular and cellular level”, in which clinical and theoretical researchers from university, extramural and/or industrial research institutions are to work closely together. Depending on the developmental stage of the proposed therapeutic approach, the collaborative alliances can either apply for funding for investigations in the field of preclinical research for which “proof of principle” has been provided (module 1: preclinical research) or for clinical phase I or II studies (module 2: clinical studies).

Therapeutic approaches are regarded as innovative if they differ considerably from already established methods and focus on interfering with disease processes on either a molecular or cellular level. For example, such approaches include somatic gene therapy, regenerative cell therapies and cellular immunotherapies as well as methods for the modulation of gene expression and chromatin structure.

The BMBF has commissioned its project management organisation in the DLR to coordinate the competition. Short overviews and proposals can be submitted in electronic form to the project management organisation up until 9th April 2008.

Source: BMBF - 11.01.2008

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