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Funding programme "Medical systems biology - MedSys"

The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research has published the guidelines for funding “Medical Systems Biology – MedSys”within the "Biotechnologie - Chancen nutzen und gestalten" (“Biotechnology – seize the opportunity and turn it into profit”) programme.

Medical genomic research has achieved great success; in particular in the analysis of human gene function and their importance in the generation of diseases, research that occurred subsequent to the human genome having been deciphered. This has led to new starting points for the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases. At the same time, this research has led to the awareness that the deeper understanding of multifactorial diseases in particular – such as metabolic diseases or cancers – cannot not be advanced rapidly and efficiently enough using classical genomics research.

The aforementioned funding programme will preferentially fund collaborative projects between academics and industrial partners that deal with the interdisciplinary investigation of systems biological problems that are of key importance to medicine, and that combine both theory and experiment. Examples of medically relevant projects that can be solved with a systems biological approach are for example the prediction of the effects on the target molecule, the toxicity of new active ingredients and the identification and development of new biomarkers for the diagnosis and course of diseases.

The BMBF has commissioned its project management organisation Jülich (PtJ-BIO) to coordinate the programme. Proposals must initially be submitted in both paper and electronic form to the PtJ-BIO prior to 7th May 2008.

Source: BMBF - 09.01.2008
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