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GATC Biotech opens new subsidiary in Sweden

GATC Biotech, Europe’s leading DNA sequencing service provider, announced today that it has added to its facilities with a wholly owned subsidiary in Stockholm, Sweden, building on the Company’s existing presence in Europe with offices in Germany, France and England. The new subsidiary will provide expanded sales and support services in Scandinavia in order to meet growing demand for GATC Biotech’s services.

GATC Biotech saw rapid expansion during 2007, increasing its production capacity from 15.6 to 250 gigabases per year and growing from 45 employees at the end of 2006 to 62 by the end of 2007. In November last year, GATC Biotech announced the launch of its human genome sequencing service, and in January founded the subsidiary company, LifeCode AG. LifeCode is the first web-based information service for the storage and utilisation of biological and medical data for the analysis of genetic codes and protein codes in the EU. Further recruitment during the first quarter of this year demonstrates the Company’s commitment to sustained development. The Company is the only sequencing service provider in the world to have all leading sequencing technologies (SOLiD™, GS FLX™ and Genome Analyzer™) in-house.

Katarina Nystroem, Sales Manager at the Stockholm office, said: “We are focused on providing a personalised and efficient service for our customers. The decision to open a subsidiary in Stockholm will enable GATC Biotech to be closer to our rapidly developing Scandinavian client base.”

Peter Pohl, CEO of GATC Biotech, commented: “I’m delighted to announce the opening of the Stockholm office. The addition of this new subsidiary and increase in services and production capacity will serve to strengthen the Company’s position as the leading sequencing service provider in Europe.”

Source: GATC - 10.03.08 (P)

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