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GATC Biotech’s NightXpress sequencing service goes Europe-wide

GATC Biotech, Europe’s leading sequencing provider, now offers its overnight sequencing service NightXpress Europe wide. This unique overnight service has been made possible by the recently opened European Custom Sequencing Centre in Cologne. In Constance, the company’s headquarters, GATC Biotech is building up the European Genome and Diagnostics Centre.

In the new laboratories GATC Biotech is focusing on Sanger Sequencing with ABI 3730xl. “We chose Cologne as a central location in Europe with the possibly best logistic link. We want to be closer to our customers to ensure shortest delivery times for highly competitive prices”, declares Peter Pohl, CEO of GATC Biotech.

On 420 square metres, with a fleet of Hamilton robotics and a 24-hour production the new laboratories are perfectly adjusted to the company’s fully automatic processing pipeline. These improvements make NightXpress available for all clients throughout all parts of Europe and guarantee the most convenient and fastest service. In Constance, the company’s headquarters, GATC Biotech focuses on Next and Third Generation sequencing as well as on diagnostics services.

Press contact:

Elke Decker
GATC Biotech AG
Director Strategic Marketing & Corp Comm
E-mail: e.decker(at)gatc-biotech.com

Website address: https://www.gesundheitsindustrie-bw.de/en/article/press-release/gatc-biotech-s-nightxpress-sequencing-service-goes-europe-wide