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Gregor Mirow new CEO of greenovation

The primary objective of greenovation Biotech GmbH is the implementation of a stable production platform for the manufacture of glycoproteins for industrial pharmaceutical applications in accordance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines. Gregor Mirow succeeds Hans Bodo Hartmann as the new managing director of greenovation Biotech GmbH.

greenovation Biotech GmbH is investing in an accelerated version of its technical production platform in order to satisfy increasing future demand in the pharmaceutical industry for therapeutic proteins created by the greenovation® system.

greenovation’s core business focuses on the research of protein production in moss and the associated possibility of enhancing the gycosylation of proteins, as well as on the manufacture of protein prototypes for pharmaceutical research. The company will significantly increase its investment in the development of industrial processes for the production of pharmaceutical proteins, compliant with strict pharmaceutical standards.
Gregor Mirow, new CEO and Managing Director of greenovation Biotech GmbH (Picture: greenovation)
Gregor Mirow joins greenovation as CEO and managing director, succeeding Hans Bodo Hartmann. Hartmann, who took on the job in 2005, has successfully taken greenovation’s R&D efforts to market, turning the company into a successful market player with a top class client portfolio within the international pharmaceutical and biotech industry. Hans Bodo Hartmann commented: “greenovation is a well known company in the pharmaceutical industry and, thanks to its bryotechnology, has an outstanding position from which to advance into the upcoming phase of industrial production.”

Gregor Mirow has held several senior executive positions in the international biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry, and has considerable experience in the field of biotechnological production.

“Protein production in moss offers the pharmaceutical industry an opportunity to produce enhanced proteins in a new production system at competitive prices. greenovation Biotech GmbH is broadening its service portfolio to provide GMP-compliant cell-line development and production processes to supply superior proteins to the pharmaceutical industry more rapidly and more cost-effectively. I am really looking forward to working with this successful and innovative team,” said Mirow.

Glycoproteins and mineral compounds from moss plants

greenovation is working with bryotechnology in photo bioreactors to create human proteins such as antibodies for medical diagnosis and treatment. A 100 L photo bioreactor was recently installed at the Freiburg laboratories of greenovation. The production in photo bioreactors is a significant step towards the industrial production using moss for the production of glycoproteins and mineral compounds.

With Bryo-Speed™ and Bryo-Master™, greenovation Biotech GmbH has developed two fast production systems for research scale product evaluation and protein property assessment of its glyco-enhanced products. Bryo-Speed™ provides a vehicle to supply small quantities of glycoproteins to assess system feasibility and/or product evaluation within four to six weeks. Bryo-Master™ is used to produce stable production cell lines, allowing the production of larger quantities at lower costs, more reliably, and at pharmaceutical standards.

greenovation Biotech GmbH

greenovation Biotech GmbH is a developer of glyco-engineering and protein production technologies in moss, and a service-provider and supplier to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. greenovation offers contract research, cell-line and production process development and contract manufacturing. The company's core business is the innovative production of pharmaceutical proteins with modified sugar structures (glycoproteins) in moss cells as well as the production of protein prototypes and the provision of ready-to-use production organisms. The biotech company has provided the research departments of the pharmaceutical industry with a broad range of therapeutic proteins and a number of antibodies, for example for use in cancer therapy. The privately held biotechnology company, headquartered in Heilbronn, Germany and with research facilities in Freiburg, was incorporated in September 1999 as a spin-off of the University of Freiburg. Venture capital investors are L-EigenkapitalAgentur, Karlsruhe, Mediport Venture, Berlin, the Seed Group, Tübingen and Zukunftsfonds, Heilbronn.


greenovation's core competency lies in the enhancement of the efficacy and production of pharmaceutically potent glycoproteins in contained photo bioreactors. The production platform - bryotechnology - is based on protein production in bryophytes (mosses). Recombinant antibodies and other glycoproteins can be efficiently produced in the moss bioreactors, with high flexibility and control over the carbohydrate structure. Such glyco-engineering can, for example, be exploited to produce antibodies with high potency in targeted cell-killing by ADCC - a clinically validated mechanism for the targeted removal of cancer cells.

Source: Press release greenovation - 28 August 2008
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