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Heinz Schaller receives Löffler Frosch Medal

Professor Heinz Schaller of the Centre for Molecular Biology at the University of Heidelberg was awarded the Löffler Frosch Medal for his research on viral infections. The award ceremony took place on 8th March during the Annual Meeting of the Society of Virology (GfV).

The Society of Virology honours Professor Dr. Heinz Schaller of the Centre for Molecular Biology at the University of Heidelberg for his lifetime’s work, in particular for his outstanding scientific pioneering work on the molecular mechanisms of hepatitis B virus infections.
Prof. Dr. Heinz Schaller (Photo: ZMBH)
There are very few other virologists in Germany who have played such a key role in the research on viral infections and molecular biology as Professor Heinz Schaller. This not only refers to his excellent scientific work but also to his contributions to the development of scientific infrastructures. With the foundation of the Centre for Molecular Biology in Heidelberg (ZMBH), Schaller has established a successful world renowned institute, which has become a role model for gene centres and many other institutes in Germany due to the excellent development opportunities it provides to young scientists.

Heinz Schaller was also co-founder of the biotechnology company Biogen and has contributed to and shaped the combination of academic and industrial research that is nowadays actively promoted by research funding institutions such as the BMBF.
Hepatitis B viruses (Photo: University of Heidelberg)
The fortune generated from Biogen enabled Schaller and his wife Chica to establish the C.H.S Foundation, one of the few and hence outstanding examples of scientific patronage. Heinz Schaller has repeatedly said that as he earned his money thanks to science, he wants to put it back into science.

Successes such as those achieved by Heinz Schaller in each of the aforementioned areas would actually be excellent achievements taken separately. The Society of Virology strongly believes that the combination of all these achievements makes Schaller unique. Hence the decision to award Schaller the Löffler Frosch Medal, which he received on 8th March during the Society’s annual meeting.

Source: University of Heidelberg - 03.03.2008 (EJ)
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