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Huge success for BioValley

The organisers and more than 300 participants were very enthusiastic about the European “BioFine” life sciences congress recently held for the first time in the Freiburg Concert Hall. Freiburg will also host BioFine 2009.

Four different life sciences conferences were organised over two days. The centrepiece was the “New Directions in Molecular Genetics and Genomics” conference organised and led by Prof. Bechthold, Dean of the Faculty of Chemistry, Pharmacy and Geosciences at the University of Freiburg.

Speakers from renowned universities from Germany and abroad, including scientists from the University of Cambridge, Harvard Medical School, Shanghai Jiaotong University and the University of Oviedo, presented their latest insights in the field of genome-based natural products science.
In parallel, highly renowned international experts gave talks at three further conferences: “New Directions in Chemical Process Design”, “Synthetic Biology – Emerging Technologies for Future Biopharmaceutical Developments” and “Strategies for Life Science Cluster Development”. Dr. Thea Siegenführ, coordinator of the German BioValley platform and Deputy Chairperson of Technology Foundation Freiburg, presented the activities of the BioValley in the “Strategies for Life Science Cluster Development” conference.
Dr. Thea Siegenführ and BioFine organisers
Dr. Thea Siegenführ and BioFine organisers (Photo: FWTM)
BioFine is an important meeting place for decision-makers, researchers and developers in the fields of pharma and biotechnology in Europe. “It is fantastic to be able to organise this important congress for the first time in the Freiburg Concert Hall, and to know that the organisers have already decided to come back to Freiburg again next year,” said Dr. Bernd Dallmann, Chairman of Technology Foundation BioMed Freiburg and Vice President of BioValley Central Association. BioFine fits extremely well into the Freiburg location and the BioValley - a world leader in life sciences clusters, continued Dallmann. The congress draws the attention of international companies and institutions to the outstanding Freiburg location and the BioValley at the same time as offering local companies an important networking platform. The congress is accompanied by an exhibition featuring international life science exhibitors.

Technology Foundation BioMed Freiburg is responsible for bringing the fifth BioFine congress to the BioValley. The conference was prepared in close cooperation with the Freiburg BioRegion and BioValley.

The participants particularly remarked on the high level of the international scientific papers. In addition, the social programme, including a wine tasting in the Historical Store with the Baden wine queen, was especially well appreciated. The organisers’ enthusiasm was more than apparent in their choice of Freiburg as the venue for next year’s BioFine. Biofine 2009 will be held on 16th and 17th April 2009.

Source: FWTM - 23rd April 2008 (P)
Website address: https://www.gesundheitsindustrie-bw.de/en/article/press-release/huge-success-for-biovalley