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ILM – Applicators and method development

The ILM offers a broad range of services relating to the development of devices and methods. The service offer comprises the entire value creation chain from the initial solution concept to the applicable functional model.

ILM – special lens © ILM

We can assist in the realisation of innovative solutions thanks to our long-standing experience in the development of optical systems and methods gained from numerous public and industrial projects. We cover the entire value creation chain from the initial solution concept to the final applicable functional model. We also provide support in patent applications, including the carrying out of patent research and the preparation of patent documents. As you work towards a successful product, we will also help you find suitable components and cooperation partners. We have the ideal solution for the development of medical methods, as the clinical evaluation of these processes in controlled studies can be carried out in our Laser Therapy Centre in close cooperation with a team of developers and physicians.

We have comprehensive experience in the development and realisation of

  • a broad range of devices and applicators  
    • mainly for laser-assisted diagnostics and therapy in medical applications
    • but also for the analytics and material processing for industrial applications
  • sensors and systems for metrological issues
  • systems based on optical fibres
  • simple illumination optics to complex, optical imaging systems

Our offers: Ideas / Proposals for solutions

  • Acquisition of third-party funds for cooperative projects
  • Feasibility studies
  • Patent research and preparation of patent applications
  • Optical design incl. optical fibre modelling (Zemax)  
  • Development and construction (Solid Works)
  • Development of electronic systems  
  • Processing of optical components (grinding, polishing, metallising, packaging of optical fibres, special applicator tips)
  • Selection of components and suppliers or cooperation partners  
  • Construction of functional models (mechanics and electronics workshop)
  • Software development for measured value acquisition, control and regulation, signal processing and presentation as well as image processing
  • Laboratory tests
  • Clinical evaluation in controlled studies in the Laser Therapy Centre
Dental Er:YAG laser. © ILM

Examples of developments:

  • Dental Er:YAG-Laser (KEY laser, KaVo Dental GmbH) with a number of handpieces and applicator tips for caries therapy, endodontics, periodontics, implantology and oral surgery
  • Caries detector (Diagnodent®, KaVo Dental GmbH) for the identification of caries on the basis of red laser-induced fluorescence spectroscopy with different probes
  • A number of different laser methods and laser applications for surgical and diagnostic applications used in otolaryngology, general surgery and hand surgery, for companies including:

- Carl Baasel
- Carl Zeiss
- Asclepion-Meditec
- Dornier

Website address: https://www.gesundheitsindustrie-bw.de/en/article/press-release/ilm-applicators-and-method-development