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ILM - Ray tracing

Over the last few years, the finite-element software ANSYS! has been created for the determination of temperature profiles. It is used for the optimisation of laser parameters.

3D calculation model of a premolar produced with the micro computed tomograph. © ILM

Heat conduction
(Finite-element method)
In order to facilitate dental treatment that does not cause unnecessary damage and pain, the laser-induced temperature courses are calculated in the hard tooth tissue, in particular in the dental pulp, and the exposure to heat minimised through the judicious selection of specific parameters. 3D models that resemble the real situation and adapted to a specific therapy (prevention, treatment of oversensitive tooth necks, etc.) were prepared. 3D data from a micro-computed tomograph were the basis for these models.

Current research at the ILM focuses on the modelling of the microstructure of dental hard tissue as well as multiphysics simulation for the determination of the steam pressure resulting from the laser treatment of tissue (cause of microfissures in dental enamel).

Design of fish-eye optics. The photo shows the 3D layout along with different evaluation methods (image area curvature and distortion, MTF, image analysis. © ILM

We use the ray tracing software ZEMAX-EE for the analysis and design of new illumination and imaging optics. The development and optimisation of illumination optics then enables the light path of different light sources to be monitored using any optical system. Taking into consideration different phenomena such as absorption, scattering, polarisation, the exact ray position can be calculated and statements on the spatial intensitity distribution can be made.

In addition, we also develop imaging systems according to clients' specific requirements, from the idea to the final design. Existing systems can be considerably simplified or improved using numerous optimisation algorithms. A calculated optical system can be fully characterised and transferred into a real system without any risk.

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