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Immatics Biotechnologies GmbH - new alliances and launch of Immatics US, Inc.

MorphoSys and Immatics Biotechnologies Enter Strategic Alliance in Immuno-oncology. Furthermore Immatics and MD Anderson announce launch of Immatics US, Inc., to develop multiple T-cell and TCR-based adoptive cellular therapies.

MorphoSys und Immatics: Collaboration aims to develop novel antibody-based therapies targeting tumor-associated peptides derived from intracellular proteins

On the 25th of august MorphoSys AG and Immatics Biotechnologies GmbH announced a strategic alliance to generate novel antibody-based therapeuticsagainst multiple proprietary cancer antigens recognized by T cells. The collaboration agreement provides MorphoSys with access to several proprietary tumor-associated peptides (TUMAPs) discovered using Immatics' XPRESIDENT® platform to develop novel antibody-based therapeutics against these targets in a number of solid and hematological cancers. XPRESIDENT® enables access to novel antibody targets associated with proteins that are present inside cancer cells. In return, Immatics will be provided with MorphoSys' Ylanthia® antibodies against a number of its TUMAPs, with proprietary development rights. The companies will pay each other milestones based on their respective development progress as well as royalties on marketed products. Financial details of the agreement were not disclosed.

Immatics and MD Anderson announce launch of Immatics US, Inc., to develop multiple T-cell and TCR-based adoptive cellular therapies

On the 26th of august Immatics Biotechnologies GmbH (Immatics) and The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center announced the launch of Immatics US, Inc., a new company aiming at becoming a global leader in adoptive cellular therapies (ACT) for the treatment of a range of tumor types.

Immatics believes that ACT approaches to be developed by the new company can achieve a step change in the treatment of cancer, by delivering significant, long- lasting clinical benefits. The new company will strive to develop three different ACT approaches for the treatment of tumors with high un-met medical needs, the first of which will enter the clinic in 2016.

Immatics US, Inc. will develop both autologous and allogenic ACT approaches by capitalizing on MD Anderson's world-leading clinical oncology and cell therapy expertise and Immatics' unrivaled cancer target and T-cell receptor (TCR) discovery capabilities.

Immatics US, Inc. will be based in Houston and has secured a first funding round totaling over $60m with more than $40m committed by the parent company Immatics Biotechnologies GmbH and $19.7 million by a recently awarded grant from the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT).

Immatics has been able to use its unique and world-leading technology platform XPRESIDENT® for the discovery and further qualification of dozens of novel, proprietary and highly specific cancer targets that can be used as the basis for a range of cancer immunotherapy applications including ACT. This capability will enable Immatics US, Inc. to develop TCR-based approaches and to have complementary utility with other approaches for addressing tumor targets. Immatics believes its ACT will be both efficacious and safe due to the specificity of its novel well-characterized targets, including novel over-expressed, cancer-testis and neo-antigens ideally suited for specific and safe ACT approaches.

lmmatics has been benefiting from MDACC's outstanding understanding of cancer immunotherapy. Two leading MD Anderson scientists, Patrick Hwu, M.D., Division Head of Cancer Medicine, and Cassian Yee, M.D., Professor of Medical Melanoma Oncology, have laid the scientific foundation for the adoptive cell therapy development plans of lmmatics US, Inc., and they will continue to provide ongoing practical support and guidance as the Company develops its ACT approaches and therapies.

Immatics has also gained access to various technologies developed or in-licensed by MD Anderson. These include the use of the cytokine IL-21 for expansion of T cells, a gamma-delta T-cell platform for allogeneic cell therapy approaches and various technologies designed to optimize the development of ACT.

Website address: https://www.gesundheitsindustrie-bw.de/en/article/press-release/immatics-biotechnologies-gmbh-new-alliances-and-launch-of-immatics-us-inc