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Immatics started second proof-of-concept study

Immatics biotechnologies GmbH announced the start of a Phase I/II trial of its IMA910 cancer vaccine in patients with advanced colorectal cancer.

IMA910 is a peptide-based therapeutic vaccine that consists of more than a dozen synthetic tumor-associated peptides (TUMAPs) representing different tumor antigens specific for colorectal cancer. The vaccine is developed to slow or halt tumor progression in cancer patients.
Aim of the study is to assess the preliminary safety and first evidence of efficacy of the vaccine. The study will enroll about 70 patients in 8 European countries. Immatics received the approval for the study by the first four competent authorities in Belgium, United Kingdom, Hungary and Germany. The first patient will be treated within the next few weeks.
“Colorectal carcinoma is the second largest cancer indication with more than 1 million incidences each year on a global scale,” said Dr Juergen Frisch, Chief Medical Officer of immatics. “We believe that IMA910 can provide a new treatment option for these patients.”

“With IMA910 we have moved our second drug candidate into proof-of-concept studies”, adds Dr Harpreet Singh, Chief Scientific Officer of immatics. “Our approach is unique: it is based on immunogenic peptides derived from real tumor cells and addresses not just one antigen but a broad spectrum. We therefore think that our drug candidates can provide a significant improvement in the treatment of cancer.”

Source: immatics biotechnologies - 22.04.08 (P)
About IMA910
IMA910 is an off-the-shelf cancer vaccine that consists of 13 fully synthetic tumorassociated peptides (TUMAPs) representing tumor antigens relevant for colorectal cancer. These TUMAPs were identified based on the analysis of primary tumor tissue and have been chosen due to their ability to activate cytotoxic T cells and T helper

About the study
The study is designed as a single-arm, open label, European multicenter Phase I/II trial in patients with advanced colorectal cancer who have successfully completed a 12-week first-line treatment with oxaliplatin-based chemotherapy. Patients will receive IMA910 plus GM-CSF adjuvant intradermally following pre-treatment with low-dose cyclophosphamide. The trial will enroll about 70 patients in 8 European countries.
Primary endpoints are safety and efficacy as measured in terms of disease control rate according to RECIST criteria at 6 months past start of vaccination. Secondary endpoints are tumor response rates at 6 months past start of vaccination, overall and progression free survival as well as immunogenicity.
Website address: https://www.gesundheitsindustrie-bw.de/en/article/press-release/immatics-started-second-proof-of-concept-study