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Industrial healthcare degree courses in Tuttlingen

New practical and business-oriented degree courses look set to complement Baden-Württemberg’s higher education landscape in the future. On 17th December 2007, the Baden-Württemberg Council of Ministers took the decision to establish a Furtwangen University of Applied Sciences department in Tuttlingen and a Stuttgart Vocational Academy lecture centre in Backnang.

“Both municipal and private institutions in Backnang and Tuttlingen have backed the establishment of new university and lecture centres with expertise and financial commitment. All parties involved have made it clear that this development is a major contribution to enriching the Baden-Württemberg university landscape,” said Minister President Günther H. Oettinger and Science Minister Professor Dr. Peter Frankenberg speaking in Stuttgart on 18th December 2007. “The institutions’ level of commitment is underlined by their willingness to take on location-related costs. In the light of this enthusiasm, the state of Baden-Württemberg has made it clear that it will support the establishment of new university locations in partnership with the local initiators.” The Science Minister also highlighted that the regional economy has contributed considerably to the financing and evaluation of the demand for new degree courses.

Financial conditions for new university locations clarified

Frankenberg explained that the Furtwangen University of Applied Sciences planned to offer degree courses in industrial healthcare (development of medical devices and surgical tools), sensors and actuators (fine mechanics, mechatronics) and production engineering in Tuttlingen for 35 first-year students on each course, starting in the winter term of 2008/2009. “Practical and business-oriented degree courses will be set up at the new sites, giving students excellent career prospects, in particular in professions required in these regions,” highlighted Oettinger and Frankenberg.

Furtwangen University of Applied Sciences has a long tradition of working closely with industry. It is now hoped that this excellent cooperation will become an institutionalized collaboration between the University and industry, for example by closer integrating the issues taught in industry and university laboratories. It is planned to integrate industrial concerns into university lectures and seminars to a greater extent; particular focus will be put on acquainting students with industrial and subject-related issues earlier on in their course than was previously the case. Concepts such as “blended learning” and what is known as industrial mentoring will help to create attractive study conditions, in particular in the engineering sciences which are of great importance to industry. The new Furtwangen University of Applied Sciences department in Tuttlingen is made possible through the financial contributions of Tuttlingen’s industrial sector, which will in the next ten years provide an annual sum of €2.5 million targeted at covering a major proportion of costs arising from the establishment of the new university department. This contribution is also a particular feature of Tuttlingen’s reform activities.

Source: State Ministry of Baden-Württemberg, Furtwangen University of Applied Sciences - 18.12.2007
Website address: https://www.gesundheitsindustrie-bw.de/en/article/press-release/industrial-healthcare-degree-courses-in-tuttlingen