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Insilico Biotechnology and Metabolomic Discoveries pool their expertise

Insilico Biotechnology and Metabolomic Discoveries have agreed to pool their expertise to provide industrial biotech customers with a more comprehensive package of high quality services. The main focus of the cooperation lies in the field of applied systems biotechnology dealing with the metabolism of bacteria, fungi and mammalian cells. The combination of modern analytical methods with high-performance computing will give customers detailed insights into metabolism of cells. This will help shorten development times and form the basis for improving yields in biotechnological production processes.

On the novel service platform Insilico’s proprietary databases, network models and software application tools will be combined synergistically with Metabolomic Discoveries’ biochemical profiling platform to analyze metabolism. The latter company is based in Potsdam and employs state-of-the-art accurate mass analytical instruments in combination with biochemical expertise. This makes Metabolomic Discoveries a specialist in the analysis of metabolic processes.

“Metabolomic Discoveries’ know-how will help us to validate mechanical metabolic models much faster since it focuses more directly on the specific aspect we investigate. The resulting models will then put us in the right direction for designing biotechnological processes which are more competitive and sustainable,” states Klaus Mauch, Insilico’s CEO. “We are delighted to have found such a suitable partner, both competent and reliable. Our expertise and tools complement each other beautifully so that we will be able to offer a wide portfolio of services at top levels. Customers can choose between overall service packages and individual customized schemes.”

The companies’ joint service platform will enable them to carry out metabolic simulations and analyses based on comprehensive metabolite measurements. This means that the collaborating scientists will be able to predict the effects of metabolic changes on aspects like cell growth and the identification of critical steps. Metabolomic Discoveries’ CEO Nicolas Schauer is very pleased with the collaboration: “Insilico already leads the international field for modeling metabolic processes for biotech applications. The company knows all the large and small problems which can be encountered along metabolic engineering and is experienced in dealing with them accordingly. Teaming up puts us in the happy position of being able to offer our customers considerable advantages for optimizing existing bioprocesses or designing new ones.”

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