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Investment in the future: ILM receives funds for the purchase of equipment

The Ulm-based Institute for Laser Technologies in Medicine and Metrology (ILM) has received a 335,000 euro injection in 2009 through the German government’s Future Investment Programme (Economic Stimulus Packet II), according to the Baden-Württemberg Minister of Economic Affairs Ernst Pfister. The funds, 75 per cent of which are provided by the German government and 25 per cent by the state of Baden-Württemberg, will be used for the modernisation and expansion of equipment.

Perfect timing – the funds enable the ILM, one of eleven applied research institutes in the Baden-Württemberg Innovation Alliance, to replace old and purchase desperately needed new systems. The funds enable the institute to invest in research areas that are important for its future strategy, strengthen its productivity and its visibility, explained the Minister.

One-stop shop

The renowned Ulm-based institute combines technical-physical competence in the field of laser technology with medical and clinical applications. One of the ILM’s major research priorities is the development of non-invasive and inexpensive diagnostic and therapeutic methods in medicine. In future, the institute intends to intensify its activities in the field of optical technologies. In contrast to many similar institutions, the ILM combines everything under one roof, from ideas through to the translation of ideas up to application.

Important partners for SMEs

“With the research and services it offers, the ILM is an indispensable partner for small and medium-sized companies who are unable to maintain own research capacities due to high cost pressures, but who have to continuously adapt to new challenges,” said the Minister explaining why the institute has received the funding of 335,000 euros.

Without access to research networks, small and medium-sized companies are unable to react effectively to new challenges. Therefore, economically oriented research institutes such as the ILM are more sought after than ever. Economically oriented research outside the universities is an important prerequisite for successful technology transfer, added Pfister.

Website address: https://www.gesundheitsindustrie-bw.de/en/article/press-release/investment-in-the-future-ilm-receives-funds-for-the-purchase-of-equipment