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J&M Analytik awarded VR-Mittelstand Innovation Prize

The Baden-Württemberg Minister President Günther H. Oettinger and Gerhard Roßwog, President of the BWGV (Baden-Württembergischer Genossenschaftsverband), awarded the Baden-Württemberg Volksbank and Raiffeisenbank banks’ VR-Mittelstand Innovation Prize on March 31st 2009. The main prize, a cheque for 25,000 euros, was awarded to Essingen-based J&M Analytik AG for its innovative achievements in measurement technology.

Prizewinners and sponsors (from left to right) Horst Kary, Chairman of the Sparkasse Board of Directors; Theodor Wanner, Managing Director, Sensopart; Marcus Koslik, Sensopart; Dr. Dieter Salomon, Lord Mayor of Freiburg; Dr. Jens Pannekamp, Sensopart; Dr. Bernd Dallmann, Managing Director, FWTM. © FWTM
The medium-sized enterprise run by Joachim Mannhardt, Harald Nitsche and Dr. Dag Kubin received the top prize for its development of the Lighthouse ProbeTM Technology, an innovative probe technology with integrated cleaning function for use in process analytics. The fully automated optical method can be used to monitor production processes. The jury explained that they had awarded the prize to J&M Analytik AG because the technology is used to increase productivity in chemical and pharmaceutical industries around the world.The new probe technique particularly stands out for its fully automated in-process cleaning of contaminated viewing windows. Before this technology was invented, the use of optical methods in process analytics was either impossible or very difficult as manual cleaning of the instrumentation was a time-consuming process and also because the production process had to be interrupted for cleaning purposes. The Lighthouse ProbeTM Technology, which overcomes the problem of dirty windows, was invented by J&M Analytik in cooperation with GEA Pharma Systems in February 2005 and was subsequently protected by major patent applications covering its probe technology, its automation and suitability for process analytics.Minister President Günther Oettinger (CDU) called on industry to continue focusing on research, even in these times of recession. "In order to ensure their survival, companies must not go into hibernation. They must continue to focus on innovation," said Oettinger speaking on March 31st at the award ceremony in Stuttgart. He also expressed his hope that Baden-Württemberg companies will continue their R&D activities despite the current recession, which he predicted would last one to two years.
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