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LifeCodexx AG - Clarity within the genetic data jungle

Europe’s leading provider of DNA sequencing, GATC Biotech, founds the subsidiary company, LifeCodexx AG. LifeCodexx is the first web-based information service for the storage and utilisation of biological and medical data from the analysis of genetic codes and protein codes in the EU. The company started in 2008 under the name 'LifeCode AG'.

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The rapid development of modern analytical methods makes it possible today to examine portions of the genetic code, its regulation and to find out which proteins occur frequently in a much more economic and precise way compared to what would have been possible just a few years earlier. It is becoming increasingly possible to define the risks and genetic interrelationships that play a significant role in the development of certain illnesses such as heart and cardiovascular diseases, for example, or cancer.
It is conceivable that in a few years, we will be able to identify the entire genetic code of an individual, for diagnostic purposes and, ultimately, for the optimisation of that individual’s personal health care.

To date no suitable solutions have been available, either to private individuals or to the doctors who care for them, for updating this complex information in real time, making it available on a reliable and lucid platform for medial consultation, guaranteeing at the same time the maximum possible level of data security.

Analytical methods based on biochips

LifeCodexx satisfies this need on an individual level. The company provides a platform with which each person can record and manage his or her personal biological code. The nucleic acid analysis provides information about one’s own genetic data and makes it possible for individuals to deal more effectively with their own bodies and biological processes. In cases where further examinations are needed, LifeCodexx uses the most modern analytical methods based on biochips.

Best possible preparation

Of even greater importance to LifeCodexx is the best possible preparation and presentation of the data for the customer. Without the benefit of a profound understanding, it is hardly possible to interpret genetic information in a meaningful way. Our genes are only one amongst many influences that determine our lives and our health. For this reason, results from genetic examinations must not be confused with medical diagnoses. In its assessment of such data, LifeCodexx relies on the very latest well-grounded and comprehensible scientific information. Users are able to distinguish clearly which proposals and assumptions are genuinely sensible in medical terms – and which statements concerning their own biological profile are more general in nature. One of LifeCodexx’s primary concerns here is placing the information that is obtained concerning the customer’s personal genetic profile into a scientific and medical context, thus clearly identifying findings that are not certain and preventing unreliable conclusions from being drawn based upon the data elicited by the analysis.

Making an informed decision

“One major concern of LifeCodexx is to ensure that every customer is able to make an informed decision in respect of biological tests, and that no examinations are undertaken under any incorrect understanding, without explanation and without the customer’s informed agreement,” says Peter Pohl, CEO of GATC Biotech and the the newly-founded LifeCodexx AG. “That means that when, for example, we determine a person’s lineage, we, as service providers – even in the field of non-medical genetic diagnosis – must comply with the same strict requirements as those that apply in the case of medical genetic diagnosis.”

LifeCodexx bases its activities on the currently-applicable guidelines and principles, and is committed both to adhering constantly to the relevant provisions and legislation and to a dialogue with the official bodies who periodically adjust such regulations to reflect the current state of technology and science. LifeCodexx is geared towards the latest scientific and medical research. It is advised by highly-qualified specialists and adapts its genetic services to match the most up-to-date findings.

LifeCodexx is a spin-off company of GATC Biotech AG, and also enjoys the support of other founder members from the private sector. LifeCodexx AG plans to start providing its information services during April 2008, using the web domain www.lifecodexx.com. Positions for interested potential employees will be advertised on this Internet site as and when they become available.

Source: GATC - 08.01.08

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