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nadicom GMP-certified

nadicom GmbH has received the GMP certificate from the Regional Council Tübingen. "Good Manufacturing Practice" compliance ensures that the specific microbiological analyses carried through by nadicom are quality-controlled and comply with the EU directives for pharmaceuticals (directives 2003/94/EG and 1991/412/EWG).

"GMP compliance is the most important standard in quality assurance in the life science industry. It is a further major achievement for nadicom to have reached the GMP certification," said Dr. Bernhard Nüsslein, founder and CEO of nadicom GmbH.

“This certification takes the strict GMP regulations, highly applied at nadicom, into account. Thus, high-quality analyses and results have been and will be guaranteed for our clients in the future,“ added Dr. Bernhard Nüsslein.

The certificate applies for fungal and bacterial identifications and differentiations and can be extended to other methods.

The implementation of GMP standards two years ago has caused various changes for the employees’ method of working as well as in the general work process. The in-depth training of all employees and their commitment during the implementation process have been crucial prerequisites for a fast and complete realization of the necessary measures. A GMP-conform quality management has to be continually improved. Only an all-around continuity of work process and training of the employees familiar with it guaranties a high product and service quality, meets the obligatory requirements of the health authorities and allows an adaptation to the special interests of the pharmaceutical industry.
Having reached this important milestone in the company’s history, nadicom GmbH shows that it is in the position to meet its customers’ needs, and to make all efforts to stay a reliable partner for the performance of germ identifications.

Source: press release nadicom-29.07.2008

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