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Nanjing University of Technology

Nanjing – Jiangsu’s capital with a population of over 6 million – has over 20 universities. There are two technical universities, Nanjing University of Science and Technology (NJUST) and Nanjing University of Technology (NJUT), which originates from the Nanjing University of Chemical Technology.

Teaching building in new campus of NJUT © NJUT

The Nanjing University of Technology offers mainly engineering courses, but courses in other disciplines such as science, architecture, management, economics, liberal arts, law and philosophy are also available. Currently, the university has close to 30,000 students. The present number of faculty members is about 2300 full-time teaching and research personnel and three academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

Prof. Pingkai OUYANG © private

Among the 21 colleges, the College of Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Engineering has a strong focus on bioengineering. The Chief Scientist of this college, who is also President of the University, Academician Professor Pingkai OUYANG, is an expert in industrial biotechnology and has achieved great merits in the promotion of Chinese bioindustry. As a pioneer in the fields of biochemical engineering study and engineering education, he succeded to establish the National Bioengineering Technology Research Center at the Campus of NJUT.

Prof. Huang HE © private

Apart from this "State Key Center“, a term for a center of national importance, a Jiangsu Provincial Innovation Center for Industrial Biotechnology has also been established at the same site. It is supported by Sinopec, the Chinese monopoly for gasoline and refineries. A focus is on technology for future biorefineries, e. g., by microbial processes to cover C-2, C-3 and C-4 chemical intermediates, but also on the development of turn-key processes, including down-stream processing, for the chemical industry, e. g. for the production of L-aspartic acid at a 4000 tons/year scale. Director of this center is Professor Huang HE, who specializes in metabolic engineering and in the preparation of valuable lipids which are marketed through the startup company Jiangsu Tiankai Company.

Workshop BioTogether Co., Ltd. © BioTogether Co.

BioTogether Co. is one of the companies originating from and located close to these centers, under Professor Hanjie YING as the principal supervisor. The company sells various nucleotides such as dNMP or UDP-Glucose, prepared by enzymatic transformation integrated separation processes and proprietary crystallization techniques, fructose-1,6-diphosphate, which has human and animal health-promoting properties, alpha-amylase inhibitor from wheat, and other biochemicals.

Baden-Württemberg contacts to academia in Jiangsu are handled by Professor Dr. Min JIANG, who is deputy dean of the College of Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals.

Professor Schmid was awarded Honorary Professorship of NJUT on April 27, 2010. From left: Mr. Luping HAN (Head of International Cooperation Office, NJUT), Prof. Xu QIAO (Vice president of NJUT), Prof. Weiqing LIU (Vice president of NJUT), Prof. Rolf Schmid, Prof. Pingkai OUYANG (president of NJUT), Julia Guesten (Head of bw-i Nanjing Office), Dr. Peter Nickel (BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg GmbH), Mr. Yongfu LIU (Head of personnel department, NJUT), Prof. Hanjie YING (BioTogether Ltd.), Prof. Min JIANG (NJUT, coordinator), Dr. Honghua JIA (NJUT) © private
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