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Next step towards international cooperation

Representatives from companies and research institutes based in the STERN BioRegion met metalworking and surface treatment specialists in France. The collaboration between BioRegio STERN Management GmbH and Pôle Technologique de Haute-Champagne, PTHC, opens up the way for making new contacts, sharing innovative ideas and exploring cooperation options. A reception at the town hall in Chaumont was followed by visits to companies, lectures and a trip to the Centre for Innovation and Technology Transfer, CRITT.

Günter Schmidt-Taube, Chargé de Mission “Médical”, Dr.-Ing. Régis Flot, President of the Association pour le Pôle Technologique de Haute-Champagne, and Anne-Marie Nedelec, Mayor of Nogent. © BioRegio STERN

"We firmly believe that sharing our knowledge and innovative capabilities will strengthen both regions' international competitiveness on a lasting basis," stated Dr. Klaus Eichenberg, Managing Director of BioRegio STERN Management GmbH. With funding from the international office of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research the company therefore arranged for representatives of German medical technology enterprises and scientific institutions to meet their counterparts at French companies and research institutes in the Haute-Champagne region. This region is regarded as the number one location in France for the manufacture and surface treatment of medtech products. At the end of the two-day trip, participants on both sides acknowledged the value of expanding their horizons to gain an insight into the conditions under which their counterparts carry out research and production activities.

Staff at research institutes - including the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation IPA and the NMI Natural and Medical Sciences Institute at the University of Tübingen - and participants from surface engineering and metalworking companies took advantage of the opportunity to meet representatives from Greatbatch Medical and Marle, two companies with an international reputation in implant technology. Employees of French research institutes, such as CRITT, and higher education establishments specialising in engineering, such as the Technical University of Troyes, UTT, were on hand to answer the visitors' questions and discuss technical issues.

During the two-day visit, it was agreed to submit joint tenders for future EU funding for international projects. Initial contacts were also made that will be developed further during a planned visit to Germany by French companies and research institutes. "Following this initial contact between entrepreneurs and researchers, it is important to demonstrate that this Franco-German cooperation can produce ground-breaking technologies and innovative products," stresses Dr.-Ing. Régis Flot, President of the Association pour le Pôle Technologique de Haute-Champagne.

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