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No sign of a crisis – biopharmaceutical services providers geared to further investment

Vetter Pharma Fertigung, a Ravensburg-based specialist in the production of aseptically pre-filled injection systems, is strengthening its commitment to the North American market. Laupheim-based Rentschler Biotechnologie, a contract research organisation that has been continuously expanding since 2006, has further investment plans.

Vetter Pharma, an independent international specialist in the production of aseptically pre-filled injection systems based in the city of Ravensburg, is to open a 2300-m2 development laboratory in Skokie close to Chicago with the aim of strengthening its commitment to the North American market.

This is the company's first production site in the USA, allowing the company to reinforce its North American business. The Ravensburg-based company envisages that its North American clients will benefit two-fold from this 12-million-dollar investment: cost savings and shorter time to market for new pharmaceuticals.

Vetter's first production facility outside Germany is located in the Science and Technology Park in Skokie, northeast of Chicago. According to company information, the American facility is scheduled to open in May 2010.

Rentschler makes another 23-million-euro investment


According to information published by the biotech journal transcript, Laupheim-based Rentschler Biotechnologie, a specialist in mammalian cell-based biopharmaceutical production, achieved a sales increase from 60 to 80 million euros in the previous business year as well as creating more than 120 jobs.

The company is continuing to grow and, according to company information, the order book situation is excellent, to the extent that further investments are being planned. This involves a 2,500 l multiprocess production plant and a single-use production facility; the planned cost of these plants is 15 and 8 million euros, respectively. The company plans to have the small contract production plant ready at the beginning of 2011 and the larger plant at the end of 2011.

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