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Nycomed’s Ciclesonide to be commercialised in the United States by Sepracor

Nycomed has granted Sepracor, Inc. (NASDAQ: SEPR) the exclusive development, marketing and commercialisation rights for Ciclesonide in the United States. Ciclesonide is Nycomed’s patented corticosteroid with a novel principle of action. It is the active ingredient in the ALVESCO® Inhalation Aerosol for the treatment of asthma and in the Omnaris™ Nasal Spray for the treatment of allergic rhinitis. The agreement complements Sepracor’s respiratory portfolio and is a boost to Nycomed’s partnering approach for the United States.

Sepracor will gain exclusive rights for Ciclesonide in the United States. Sepracor expects to launch Omnaris™ in the 2008 spring allergy season and ALVESCO® in the second half of 2008. Sepracor will not only commercialise the approved products ALVESCO® and Omnaris™, but plans to develop line extensions and additional products broadening the Ciclesonide and current Sepracor respiratory franchise. Nycomed will receive an upfront payment of $150 million and subsequent payments upon accomplishment of various development and sales milestones, which could include up to an additional $280 million over the life of the agreement if all milestones are met. Nycomed will also receive compensation for providing finished product and royalties on sales of Ciclesonide products.

Nycomed retains all rights to Ciclesonide outside the United States and has partnered the product with Teijin Pharmaceuticals in Japan where ALVESCO® was launched in June 2007. Nycomed also has rights for the territories outside the United States to certain line extensions and additional products developed by Sepracor under the agreement.

Sepracor develops and markets a range of products in the respiratory field. ALVESCO® and Omnaris™complement Sepracor’s respiratory portfolio and expand its product pipeline with Ciclesonide line extension programs. These programs include Omnaris™ HFA, a hydrofluoroalkane (HFA) metered-dose inhaler Phase II candidate; ALVESCO® inhalation solution, a preclinical candidate; and ALVESCO® in combination with a long-acting beta-agonist, an early clinical candidate.

“We were looking for a strategic partner both able to commercialise the products and further develop them. With Sepracor we have found that ideal partner”, said Håkan Björklund, Nycomed’s CEO. “This agreement clearly leverages the potential of Ciclesonide that we believe to be one of the most innovative corticosteroids available to patients”, he added.

“We are delighted with this agreement, as OMNARIS AQ and ALVESCO HFA represent two new and exciting products for our 1,600 person sales force to launch in 2008. We are also pleased with the additional development assets that form part of this Ciclesonide franchise,” said Adrian Adams, President and Chief Executive Officer of Sepracor. “The Ciclesonide franchise adds further strength to our growing pipeline and is commercially synergistic with our XOPENEX® and BROVANA® franchises. I am particularly pleased that our core strategy of fully leveraging our existing products, growing our research and development pipeline and successfully delivering value-enhancing business development successes is being implemented as planned.”

About Sepracor

Sepracor Inc. is a research-based pharmaceutical company dedicated to treating and preventing human disease by discovering, developing and commercializing innovative pharmaceutical products that are directed toward serving unmet medical needs. Sepracor's drug development program has yielded a portfolio of pharmaceutical products and candidates with a focus on respiratory and central nervous system disorders. Currently marketed products include LUNESTA® brand eszopiclone, XOPENEX brand levalbuterol HCl Inhalation Solution, XOPENEX HFA brand levalbuterol tartrate Inhalation Aerosol and BROVANA brand arformoterol tartrate Inhalation Solution. Sepracor's corporate headquarters are located in Marlborough, Massachusetts.

Source: Nycomed - 28.01.08 (P)

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