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PANATecs GmbH will move into new laboratories in Heilbronn in 2012

In Summer 2012, PANATecs will move its headquarters to Heilbronn, where the firm will have modern and purpose-built laboratories in the Wohlgelegen Research Park.

The owner is Heilbronn City Development, which is planning a high technology park for young and innovative firms. PANATecs is the eighth firm moving into this research park, but will be the first in the biotechnology sector. The new laboratory is on the former grounds of the firm Kalichemie on the river Neckar and is in accordance with the regulations of industrial GMP (good manufacturing practice). At the start of 2009, PANATecs completed a round of financing for more than 5 Mio. Euro with the Heilbronn Zukunftsfonds (Future Funds) and the KfW. The contract covers a program for company expansion and additional internationalization.

PANATecs is a service provider for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Analysis of active substances and medicines ensures that our customers will produce industrial products of high quality. The results of the analytical studies help us to solve a variety of molecular problems, as demanded by the authorities before a medicine is approved. In the coming years, PANATecs plans to extend the GMP business and to increase its international work, in order to improve its provision of analytical services to industry throughout the world.


PANATecs GmbH is a young and innovative service provider for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and biotechnology industries. PANATecs employs high technology based on mass spectrometry to characterize the drugs of the future, which are to be used for the treatment of diseases which are difficult to cure. PANATecs is a spinoff from Tübingen University and celebrated its fifth birthday in 2009. Our highly qualified scientists and technicians, all with industrial experience, help us to support technological progress in the life sciences industry.

The company is certified according to ISO 9001 and holds the Manufacturing Authorization for Test Laboratories according to the German Medicines Act and GMP.

Petra Finkbeiner
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E-Mail: pfinkbeiner(at)panatecs.com

Website address: https://www.gesundheitsindustrie-bw.de/en/article/press-release/panatecs-gmbh-will-move-into-new-laboratories-in-heilbronn-in-2012