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Polyclone partners with Innovendia Consulting in Germany and Europe

European biotech-platform and drug discovery companies will have easier access to Polyclone Bioservices’ assay design and validation services through its newly announced partnership with Innovendia Consulting from Owingen. EU and national government funded consortia will benefit from the more immediate availability of Polyclone’s unique combination of in vitro & in silico assay design and validation capabilities.

Innovendia is an entrepreneurial life science marketing, business development and strategy consulting firm with strong ties in the European bio-pharma community. It’s based in Southern Germany in the biotech/pharma triangle consisting of South Germany, Switzerland, and France. Dr. Michael Steinwand, Founder and Managing Director of Innovendia, said, “We are very encouraged by this partnership as it gives us the opportunity to introduce a high value and unique service to our existing clientele and will open the opportunity to let further users collaborate with Polyclone very conveniently”.

Polyclone Bioservices is a molecular biology and genomics company that synergistically combines in vitro and in silico approaches to address target and biomarker discovery & validation challenges. Polyclone is headquartered in Bangalore, India with operations in Europe and the US.

“Polyclone’s synergistic in vitro and in silico services would enable European companies and research consortia to quickly and cost effectively design assays for various molecular biology & genomics applications while getting them validated on patient data and cell based assays in India” added Sanjay Bettadpura, Chief Business Officer, Polyclone.

Polyclone and Innovendia will jointly present at the Indo-German workshop at Biotechnica, as well as in the bioinformatics session of the Innovation Forum at the same event.


Dr. Michael Steinwand
Innovendia Consulting
Mobil: +49 171 7783 184
E-Mail: msteinwand(at)innovendia.de

Sanjay Bettadpura
Polyclone Bioservices Pvt.Ltd.
Mobil: +91 9739008215
E-Mail: sanjay.b(at)polyclonebio.com

Website address: https://www.gesundheitsindustrie-bw.de/en/article/press-release/polyclone-partners-with-innovendia-consulting-in-germany-and-europe