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S-DH GmbH: High-tech optics from Heidelberg

The Heidelberg-based start-up company, S-DH GmbH, which is active in the field of neutron optics, has recently acquired large orders from the USA, England and Japan, clearly asserting itself as a serious force against some very tough international competition.

The portfolio of the Heidelberg University start-up company covers the entire range of components used in neutron optics. Large research institutions that produce neutrons (neutron sources) and medical devices used in the treatment of tumours, require such products. With its services and high quality products, S-DH GmbH was able to break into this competitive market, gaining large orders from companies in the USA, England and Japan last year. “Our new developments are now bearing fruit,” said the company’s CEO Harald Häse. The number of staff has risen to 15 and the company has plans to invest in a new vacuum coating system next year.

It all began 12 years ago with a degree thesis under the watchful eye of Prof. Dubbers in the Institute of Physics at the University of Heidelberg. Things really took off in the year 2000 when S-DH GmbH was established and the company moved into their own premises in the Pfaffengrund district of Heidelberg. “We received excellent support from the university. We would not have been able to set up the company without the university’s help,” said the company founders, Harald Häse and Andreas Knöpfler.

S-DH’s major product is a neutron guide - an optical system which, in connection with a neutron source, provides scientists with neutron beams. Scientists from all disciplines use these beams to investigate minute structures, from human DNA to data storage devices for PCs. Only neutrons are able to penetrate matter and pinpoint the subtle interactions between atomic spatial structures and temporal dynamics.

In December 2007, S-DH installed a neutron guide for the ISIS neutron source in Oxford, England. “The new conductor system is currently the most modern of its kind and is the flagship at ISIS. We are proud of the fact that it is “made in Heidelberg”, said Dr. Frank Lang of S-DH.

Source: University of Heidelberg - 14.02. 2008 (P)

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