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Schmallenberg virus: Identifying infected cows and sheep faster

The world's first commercial detection method for the Schmallenberg virus is now available for all laboratories. Kornwestheim-based AnDiaTec GmbH & Co. KG, specialists in detection methods for pathogens in the veterinary field, has just received approval for its product from the Friedrich-Löffler-Institut under the German Ordinance on Working with Animal Pathogens (Tierseuchengesetz). The virus, which has led, among other things, to stillbirths and miscarriages in livestock such as cattle and sheep throughout the whole of Europe in the last few months, can now be detected quickly and reliably.

The Schmallenberg virus was first detected on a livestock farm in Germany in November 2011 and has since spread throughout the whole of Europe. According to a publication by the Friedrich-Loeffler-Institut, the German Federal Research Institute for Animal Health, over 1,700 livestock farms are affected in Germany alone. Cattle, sheep and goats in particular suffer from the virus, which is transmitted by insects. In ruminants, the acute infection leads to a high fever, diarrhoea and a strong decline in milk production. In the case of pregnant animals, the virus is transmitted to the foetus, resulting in deformities, stillbirth or miscarriage. So far, it has been classified as harmless to humans.

Kornwestheim-based AnDiaTec GmbH & Co. KG is an international laboratory working on innovative detection methods for pathogens in veterinary and human medicine. The team led by Dr. Johannes Kehle has succeeded in developing a complete, commercially available detection method for the Schmallenberg virus, which has now been approved by the Friedrich-Löffler-Institut under the German Ordinance on Work-ing with Animal Pathogens (Tierseuchengesetz). Using the "BoVir® Schmallenberg Virus real time RT-PCR Kit", the Schmallenberg virus can be detected quickly and reliably in blood and tissue samples from cattle and small ruminants. "Once again, AnDiaTec has shown that it can develop targeted products and respond promptly to market needs," states Dr. Klaus Eichenberg, Managing Director of BioRegio STERN.

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