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SYGNIS Pharma AG secures further financial resources with shareholder loan

SYGNIS Pharma AG (Frankfurt: LIOK; ISIN DE000A1E9B74; Prime Standard) today executed a subordinated loan agreement for a total amount of EUR 6 million with its main shareholder dievini Hopp BioTech holding GmbH & Co. KG, Walldorf, Germany (dievini), with an interest-rate at customary market conditions. As a result this loan, which is payable on demand, secures the financing of SYGNIS’ existing operations, according to the present plans, at least until the end of 2012.

The loan is unsecured, bears no expiry date and may be terminated not before 30 September 2012. In this case the loan is to be repaid within a one month period. The loan agreement will be dissolved through dievini’s corresponding participation in a future capital increase with shareholders subscription rights. In addition, instead of requesting a repayment of the loan, dievini is entitled to a repayment by way of a contribution in kind as part of a capital increase with shareholders subscription rights.

Alternatively repayment can be made in return for shares by way of a convertible bond programme, which is yet to be agreed upon. Prerequisite for these repayment options are the resolution and execution of a capital increase with shareholders subscription rights or a convertible bond programme as well as the creation of the conditional capital necessary for the second option through decision of SYGNIS’ Annual General Meeting and registration in the commercial register.

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