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Training that offers a wide range of prospects

Graduates from the private training college of the Deutsches Erwachsenen-Bildungswerk (German Adult Education Centre) in Fellbach received their certifi-cates last Friday from principal Claudia Volz. The newly qualified assistants in chemical and pharmaceutical engineering were joined by twelve biotechnology assistants (BioTA). The year's top BioTA-graduate, Juliane Maget, received a Euro 250 award from BioRegio STERN Management GmbH.

This year's state-certified graduate biotechnology assistants will not be complaining of a shortage of job offers. Graduates have in some cases been wooed straight from the classroom since the course was launched three years ago. Having been instructed in subjects such as chemistry, microbiology and information technology and after undergo-ing numerous periods of hands-on laboratory training, they are now optimally prepared for their future-focused career. BioRegio STERN Management GmbH honoured the year's best student, Juliane Maget, during the certificate presentation ceremony.

As well as her certificate, with its outstanding results, Juliane also took home a cheque for Euro 250 as a reward for her excellent performance. The 22-year-old is now looking to start a degree course and is currently applying to several universities in Baden-Württemberg. She sees her BioTA-training as an ideal enhancement: "After my school leaving examinations, I first wanted to gain practical experience – something that will certainly be of great help to me in my studies." She aims to work in molecular medicine – in cancer research, for example – and has now already secured the ideal springboard for this.
The job opportunities for biotechnology assistants are many and varied due to the broad-based training they receive and extend from the pharmaceuticals industry, research institutes, hospitals and medical laboratories to the cosmetics and foodstuffs industries. They work with micro-organisms, cell cultures and plants as well as with bio-molecules such as proteins and nucleic acids. Dr. Klaus Eichenberg, Managing Director of BioRegio STERN Management GmbH, supports the training course because he views well-trained experts as crucial to the success of companies in the region. He ad-vised the young biotechnology assistants to apply for jobs in other sectors too: "Biotechnology is a cross-sectoral technology. It has links to a whole host of scientific fields and is in steady interaction with many different disciplines. Biotech know-how is also increasingly sought after in engineer-driven sectors such as medical technology and automation." The twelve graduates do not therefore need to have any job worries: "The financial crisis has not affected the life sciences industry."

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